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Prepare For National Nutrition Month With Superior Source Vitamins

As time moves forward things are always going to change. Including some of the habits you may have.

Right now, we're well into 2021 with hopes of keeping up with resolutions.

Some of us wish to have a much healthier year than the previous. Not just for the time being but for month down the road. There's nothing wrong with making changes to benefit you.

Today I'm going to share some tips on managing your healthy changes.

Remember, change is always good!

Prepare For National Nutrition Month With Superior Source Vitamins

While each of the tips you’ve read is probably fabulous, I wanted to add to this conversation with my own simple ways to stay healthy at home.

This list of ideas will help you keep your body and mind healthy during these trying times!

Try Eating More Plant-Based Foods

One of the best ways to slowly change the way you eat is to try something new each week.

Prepare For National Nutrition Month With Superior Source Vitamins

Fruits and vegetables are absolutely delicious after all!

Remember to include the produce you enjoy at meals. Choose fresh, frozen or canned-all provide nutrients.

You don't have to dive in with tons of changes, take your time. Surely you are bound to find something that you like. Not to mention they can also help you boost your immunity as well.

Consider creating new meal plans that feature food options like citrus fruits, red bell pepper, broccoli, garlic, ginger, spinach, and yogurt.

Just about any combination could lead to your perfect meal plan.

Implement Vitamins Into Your Lifestyle

Another great way to stay on track with staying healthy at home is to implement the use of vitamins. It's actually important to keep the right vitamins on hand for you to use.

First you have to know where to go, and that's Superior Source Vitamins.

What's interesting is that Superior Source Vitamins has an extensive line of vitamins that work without having to swallow a pill!

I know what you're thinking, “that can't be true.” Trust me, it is.

Prepare For National Nutrition Month With Superior Source Vitamins

With Superior Source Vitamin’s MicroLingual® technology each of their vitamins can be placed under your tongue and quickly dissolve to work the vitamins into your system.

But it doesn't stop there. There are no chemicals or binders and every bottle has GMO free and sugar free vitamins so you can get the nutrients you need without all of the extra additives.

A Little More Info On Selections

Vitamin B-12 – NO SHOT Advanced B-12 Instant Dissolve MicroLingual® Tablets go to work fast, under the tongue. B-12 is essential for top energy levels, heart health and maintenance of a strong immune system. Each tablet provides 2,000 mcg of the “activated” forms of B12.*

Vitamin D3 – Vitamin D works with Calcium to help develop and maintain strong bones and teeth. Vitamin D is essential in maintaining eye health and helps maintain skin, teeth, eyes and the immune system.*

Vitamin C – Tangy Orange Melts – Vitamin C helps develop and maintain healthy skin and bones, to form collagen and also enhances the absorption of iron from plant-based foods we eat. Vitamin C also provides support to the body's immune system. NO sugar added. This is preferable to most “chewable” vitamin C products that typically are loaded with lots of sugar or artificial sweetners.* 

Childrens' Echinacea and Zinc Lozenjets – Zinc is an essential mineral required by more than 300 enzymes for the support of multiple systems and functions in the human body. In addition, studies have indicated that zinc promotes recovery from the common cold and related symptoms. Our Zinc Lozenjets are formulated with an herbal blend as added protection for children’s health and immune system support.*

Melatonin – Melatonin acts as a natural aid for healthy sleep regulation and the promotion of normal sleep cycles during travel. Chamomile is an herb that works together with melatonin to promote calmness and restfulness.* 

Vitamin K2 MK-7 – Vitamin K supports normal blood clotting and the formation of prothrombin.

Properly Prepare For National Nutrition Month

Staying healthy and eating well are on our top of mind and shopping lists!

Prepare For National Nutrition Month With Superior Source Vitamins

March is National Nutrition Month® where the focus is about making informed food choices and developing healthful eating and physical activity habits.

And vitamin supplements can play an important role in maintaining healthy body functions and getting the essential nutrients our body may lack.

Now, you can obtain these by heading on over to

Most of the Superior Source Vitamins on are already 25% off, but you can get up to 35% with this coupon code (BLVITAMINS10) on all products on the website.

Staying healthy on the inside should be treated as you would the outside.

If you take care of your body you will feel healthier than ever.

Don't hesitate to make the changes that you want to make in order to better yourself.


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• Vitamins B-12, D, C and K

• Children's Echinacea & Zinc Lozenjets

• Melatonin

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.