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Myth Busting: Common Misconceptions About Rehab

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Rehab has a reputation for being more like a prison than an enlightening recovery experience, and this will be contributing to the number of people who refuse to ask for help with their addiction. It is important to set the record straight about the myths surrounding rehab, in order to encourage more people to see its brilliant healing powers.

Detoxing is Brutal

The images that are conjured up when we think about rehab, partly thanks to the misrepresentation of it in films, are of people being locked up in padded cells and straight jackets being forced to suffer through the physical and psychological pain of withdrawal symptoms. However, in reality, treatment is much less barbaric and far more supportive.

All centers insist on detoxing, however, some offer a structured withdrawal plan that includes medication to ease you through. You are allowed to leave at any time, you are never physically restrained, and you have a group and individual therapy sessions to help you through your difficulties.

Most centers have a strict daily schedule, but this is to help you reintroduce structure and control into your life. You are also able to see family and friends during your stay and have personal belongings. The center only exists to give you a sense of structure and to allow you to focus during your recovery.

Going to Rehab Is Humiliating

Thanks to the media’s inaccurate reporting of celebrity rehabilitation, in order to provoke interest, it is often seen as a humiliating final resort when you’ve hit rock bottom. However, realistically speaking, going to rehab is a sign of strength not weakness, as you are actively choosing to go through a difficult experience in order to take control of your addiction.

Rehab is available to anyone at any stage of addiction, and many of those who attend are not what you’d stereotypically expect; they often appear to be fully functioning and leading normal, stable lives. Most people struggle with some form of addiction at some point in their lives, and it is those who ask for help that is showing the strength of character. Going to rehab is something to be proud of.

Rehab is Expensive

If you want to go to a high-end, luxury, private retreat you will have to pay the price. However, most rehabilitation centers are available on the NHS, or if you’ve visiting American Addiction Centers are covered by medical insurance. Addiction treatment is in such high demand and is so crucial that it is deemed a necessity, and is therefore supported by most governments. Most treatment programs last around 30 days, so your life does not have to come to a standstill; you can simply take time off work and explain to family members that you will be returning shortly.

The rehabilitation experience is communal, supportive, and non-restrictive. It offers so much more than you would usually be able to access in your normal environment, such as various kinds of therapy, healthy lifestyle tips, and practical skills advice. Rehabilitation is there to help you get through your addiction. It will be a tough time for you, but it is something that you really need to think about doing, particularly as your addiction doesn’t just affect yourself but others as well.

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