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7 Creative New Ways to Relax With CBD

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These days, everybody seems to be using CBD oils from companies like VSAVI to ease the stresses of the day and enhance those rare moments of relaxation. Did you know, though, that holding it under your tongue isn’t the only way of using CBD oil? You can use CBD to enhance your downtime in more ways than you can possibly imagine – and if you aren’t feeling particularly creative at the moment, we have a few ideas to get you started. These are just a few of the most creative ways to relax with CBD. Short on time? No problem; you can complete most of these simple CBD recipes in just a few seconds. Start getting more out of your downtime today!

CBD Bath Bomb

Have you seen those make-your-own bath bomb kits at the big chain supermarkets? They’re quite easy to use; just mix the dry ingredients with a bit of oil and press the mixture into a mold until it dries. When you separate the mold, you’ll have a bath bomb that you can use to treat yourself to an ultra-relaxing bath whenever you like. Somino CBD has bath bomb options you may like. A bath bomb kit typically includes oil to bind the bath bomb together and add a moisturizing element to the bath. MCT coconut oil is a common type of oil for bath bomb kits, and it also happens to be the most popular base for CBD oil! To make your own CBD bath bomb, just replace the oil component in the kit with an equal amount of CBD oil. You may need to use a couple of tablespoons of oil, which will make your CBD bath bomb a true luxury indeed. If you’re short on CBD oil, that’s no problem – you can use the CBD oil and MCT oil in whatever proportion you like.

CBD Massage Oil

MCT coconut oil is one of the most useful substances around. It’s a great source of nutrition, so many people use it as a supplement when they’re on low-carb diets. MCT oil is also very slippery and very moisturizing for the skin, so it’s quite popular as a massage oil. To make your own CBD massage oil, take a small bottle of MCT oil and add a few drops of essential oil to give the massage oil a pleasant scent. Add several droppers of CBD oil and shake the massage oil thoroughly to combine the ingredients. To make the massage experience extra soothing, heat the bottle in a hot water bath for several minutes before using the oil. You can also chill the oil if desired by refrigerating it or placing it in an ice-water bath.

CBD Lotion

The easiest way to get CBD lotion is to buy one that’s already made. CBD beauty products are often some pretty upscale items, though, so you could always save a bit of money and make your own CBD lotion. Transfer your favorite lotion to a small bottle – a smaller container helps to ensure that you won’t dilute the CBD too much – and add several droppers of CBD oil. Give the container a good shake, and you’ll have a bottle of all-purpose CBD lotion that you can use anytime. Start with a thick lotion to ensure that the final result won’t be too runny.

CBD Bandage

Do you want to see what CBD can do for a bruise, scrape or other small injuries? If you’ve ever tried putting CBD oil directly on the affected area, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that it isn’t easy to keep the slick oil in one place. It slides all over the skin, and it rubs off as soon as you touch something. An easy way to target a specific area with CBD oil is by adding some to the pad of a bandage before sticking the bandage over the desired location. Keep the bandage there for several hours until you’re certain that your skin has absorbed all of the oil. Don’t apply CBD oil to broken skin.

CBD Pain Balm

If you’re an athlete – or simply suffer from aching muscles or joints – you’re probably a regular buyer of one of the many pain relief balms available at any local pharmacy. Pain relief balms use cooling, warming or numbing agents such as lidocaine, menthol and champhor to soothe the joints and muscles below the skin. Many people find the balms helpful, and you can make your favorite pain balm even more relaxing by adding a bit of CBD. Just place a bit of balm in your hand and add a dropper of CBD oil before applying the balm to the skin.

CBD Aromatherapy

Do you use an essential oil warmer to give your home a pleasant scent? To use an oil warmer, you typically add a carrier oil and a few drops of essential oil to a container heated by a candle or electrical element. As it turns out, CBD vaporizes at a low temperature – about 320 degrees Fahrenheit – just like many essential oils. Just add a dropper of CBD oil to your favorite essential oil blend and enjoy the relaxing CBD vapors throughout your home.

CBD Breakfast

Did you know that you can add CBD oil to just about any food? You can’t cook with it at high temperatures – because of the low vaporization point – but you can add it to any cold or room-temperature recipe. You can also drizzle CBD oil on any finished food. To give your day a nice, calming beginning, try adding CBD oil to your morning coffee or fruit smoothie. Just add a dropper to your blender before making the smoothie – or add a dropper to a mug of hot coffee – to get an early dose of CBD that’ll remain active in your body for several hours. It takes around 90-120 minutes for the digestive system to process swallowed CBD. By the time you’re getting started with the workday, you’ll feel a wonderful sense of calmness that’ll get your day off to the right start.

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