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Keep Your Ear Buds and AirPods Safe and In Place

     Whether you work out, or lead an active lifestyle you probably use your ear buds a lot. One thing I hate about them is either they fall out, and then one falls behind your back, or you’re wearing them around your neck and lose one behind you. It’s frustrating, and makes me just want to rip them off and throw them. Recently I found something that solves that problem for me. And, if you have AirPods, they have something just for those as well!

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Keep Your Ear Buds Safe and In Place

    BudStraps Flex Sport Ear Bud Strap will keep your ear buds where you want them. When you’re wearing your ear buds with a Budstraps, they will stay right about where your collar is, and you’re less likely to snag them out of your ears. When you want to take a break from using your ear buds, the Budstraps keep them from falling down and dangling to the floor. They’re within reach and more convenient for you to pop back into your ears when you’re ready. 

Ear Buds BudStraps

    Whether you’re working out working, or just relaxing with a good audio book, your ear buds will stay in place with BudStraps. I love mine. I use them when I’m laying in bed and watching a movie or tv show. (The sound is so much better when it’s right in your ears.) My husband uses them when we go for walks. He’s always way ahead of the kids, dogs, and I, so he’s listening to his music. He loves how well BudStraps work, and even recommended them to friends and family.

Do you have AirPods?

    Did you take the leap and get some Apple AirPods? If so, I’m sure you’re loving the fact that they’re wireless. However, that also means it’s easier to lose one. That’s where PodStraps come in! Simply insert your AirPods into each side, and they will stay put around your neck. PodStraps even come with a handy carrying pouch. How awesome is that? My in laws have PodStraps and they love them. We know you will too!

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