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Give Them an Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Product by Earthstone International®

    Today I have a great gift idea for the home. Maybe you have some new homeowners on your holiday list, or maybe you have a grill master and you’re looking for something different to give to them. Either way Earthstone International® has some really cool products.

Environmentally Friendly

    Earthstone is a US based manufacturer of foamed glass products. They take glass from US landfills, and upcycle it to give a new life, and a new purpose. With it, they create cleaning and sanding products that are not only environmentally safe, but they’re taking away from the trash in our landfills. Their products are definitely a win win for everyone! So let’s talk about them a bit more.

Earthstone® International GrillStone® Cleaning Block

    This gift is perfect for the grill master on your list. Not only will it make cleaning the grill easier, but it’s safer too! GrillStone® has no chemicals, and is non toxic. It’s perfect for barbecue grills, griddles, smokers, and other cooking surfaces. It’s safe on stainless steel, porcelain enamel, cast iron and steel. So even if the person on your holiday list isn’t a grill master, they could use GrillStone® to make cleaning their cast iron pots easier!  


  • works on hot or cold surfaces
  • conforms to the shape of the surface
  • won’t clog like grill brushes or pads
  • is environmentally friendly and SAFE!


    A perfect addition to your gift of GrillStone® is the KitchenStone®. It will clean burnt food, rust, and stains from ovens. Use it to clean bakeware, glassware, ceramics, pots, pans, and so much more! As a housewife, I love the KitchenStone®. I actually had one previous to being contacted by Earthstone® and I’m a huge fan! You have to try it!

ToiletStone® Cleaning Blocks

    Make cleaning that nasty toilet a breeze with the ToiletStone® cleaning blocks! This powerful and safe cleaning tool will make hard water rings a thing of the past! Built in handle is perfect for those hard to reach places in the bowl. It’s made from recycled materials, and keeps one glass out of our landfills. ToiletStone® works great on ceramic and porcelain, and removes lime and scale buildup without the use of harsh chemicals.

BathStone® is the perfect mate for ToiletStone®

    If you’re giving them the ToiletStone®, then don’t forget to add a BathStone®. It’s just like it’s “brother” but made for your bathtub and sink. Unlike traditional sponges, it won’t hold bacteria, so it’s much safer to use!

Where to buy

    You can get all of these amazing products, and the PoolStone® at Earthstone International®. You can also find them on Facebook.



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.