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Getting Your Freshman Ready For High School

Getting my freshman ready for high school is exciting but also a lot of work. I have to say this last month has been so crazy.  We are trying to enjoy our summer, but we can’t forget all the Back To School stuff we need to do too.  I feel like I’m being pulled in so many directions but handling this like any parent would…with wine at the end of the night.  I’m just kidding.

Why is getting my kid ready for high school so important? Because high school is the gateway to adulthood. They will have more responsibilities and how they handle the high expectations will indeed stress them out.  The one thing I told my daughter is it is all about organization. If her school work is organized, then she will feel less stressed.  High school can be overwhelming that is correct, but it is how they handle it…stressed out or on top of it!

Office Depot Back To School 2018 Getting Your Freshman Ready For High School

Tools For Getting Ready For High School

One thing I know for sure is Office Depot has us covered on school supplies; I refuse to shop at the dollar store for school supplies. Big waste of money.  Office Depot has binders, notebooks, pencil cases, and pens that are durable and fashion forward.  I remember back in my day my binders were ugly yellow with pencils all over them…eww!  My daughter likes things to match but colorful, so that is precisely what we got from Office Depot.

School Supplies Grades 9 – 12

NotebooksSchool supplies for back to school- Office Depot

Notebooks are essential; everyone needs a notebook for their classes.  There are so many colors, themes, and of course how many subjects.  Having a notebook for each class is the way to go but if you have a child who needs all classes in one notebook then gets the multi-subject option.  Stock up on notebooks when you see a sale because kids go through notebooks throughout the year.

FoldersFolders are a must have- back to school with Office Depot

Folders help the kids stay organized so make sure you grab one for each class.  Teachers hand out papers all the time and keeping them safe and sound in a folder is the way to go! Finding and retrieving information quickly is the key to success in school. Pocket folders are a simple way to organize paperwork. Plus these are also good for classroom presentations.


Binders are durable storage solutions too. If kids need heavy duty durability, then go the binder route. Everything can be stored in one binder and make sure you have dividers and tabs they will help with organization as well.

WritingPen and pencil storage for back to school with Office Depot

Pens/Pencils plus having storage for writing instruments is must have.  Make sure to grab a few cool fun pens or pencils that the kids can use as their favorite one.

Office Depot Programs

  • Give Back To Schools: Parents, students, and teachers when you shop at Office Depot they will give 5% back to your school- make sure bring your school name or ID number.
  • School Supply Drive: You can donate extra items, and Office Depot will deliver them to a Title 1 school.
  • School List with a Click: an Online database with 1.2 million teachers class supply list from all over the country. Check out our School List with a Click to find the right list for your grade and school.

Office Depot makes High School shopping easy and affordable!

Check out our Back School Guide 


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.