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Fun Alternatives to Trick or Treating

Many areas aren’t allowing trick or treating this year for Halloween. While this is fine with some parents, others are having a hard time.

Fun Alternative's To Trick or Treating

This annual tradition of getting your kids dressed up to go door to door to say “trick or treat” to get a special treat on Halloween night may have to be altered this year.

While I understand many parents are upset and others are totally fine with this cancellation of trick or treating, I wanted to share some fun alternatives.

These ideas will help every family plan a special Halloween event that’s safe and fun for all ages!

Fun Alternatives to Trick or Treating

Have a Scavenger Hunt

Gather up all of your Halloween candy and create a scavenger hunt for your kids.

I admit, I’m not great with riddles, but you can look up ideas online to develop the best riddles and clues to get your kids running around the home to find candy during a Halloween scavenger hunt.

If you’re so inclined, you could invite close family and friends to participate in this Halloween scavenger hunt, too.

Portrait of three little girls in Halloween costumes looking at camera with frightening gesture

Have a Virtual Costume Party

Technology allows us to stay connected to our loved ones while we’re stuck at home.

If your town has canceled trick or treating, you may want to unite with your neighborhood to host a virtual costume party.

See how many neighbors, friends, and family are interested and plan for a fun virtual costume event so the kids can show off their spooky costumes to everyone.

kid writing on calendar

Get a Halloween Advent Calendar

You may have heard of a Christmas advent calendar, but have you seen the Halloween advent calendar?

Such a thing really does exist and it’s a fun alternative to trick or treating.

Get an advent calendar for each child so they can get a little surprise each day leading up to Halloween night.

This may not be ‘as fun’ as trick or treating, but it could become a new family tradition!


Make Halloween Treats

So you’re not going to be able to hand out Halloween candy to adorable trick or treaters this year, but you can still make Halloween treats.

Look up some festive Halloween treats to bake and decorate with your family.

Consider dropping treats off to the neighbors so that their kids can enjoy a special Halloween treat, just be sure to ask about food allergies before dropping treats off to neighbors.

young man with black cat watching a movie eating popcorn on TV at home. Movie night. Relax,rest watching a horror film or video on screen. Background lighting. Fun Scared excited people on the couch.

Halloween Movie-a-Thon

Lastly, you could host a Halloween movie-a-thon with your family.

Create a list of Halloween movies to watch on Halloween night with your Amazon Prime account or Netflix account.

Enjoy hours of fun watching movies and eating Halloween treats together.

This is an excellent tradition to start enjoying year after year to strengthen your family bond while celebrating Halloween.

There are so many alternatives to trick or treating that you can enjoy making the holiday fun for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for fun alternatives because you don’t typically go trick or treating or you simply want to find a new way to enjoy the holiday amidst our current times, I’m confident this list of ideas will lead you in the right direction.

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