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8 Spooky USA Destinations for a Haunted Halloween

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If you’re looking for a haunted Halloween destination, look no further than the USA. From spooky mansions to terrifying theme parks, our country is home to some of the best (and scariest) spots around. So if you’re looking to get your scare on, here are eight of the best spooky USA destinations for a haunted Halloween. Happy haunting!

8 Spooky USA Destinations for a Haunted Halloween pin

Suppose you’re tired of staying at home during Halloween, dishing out loads of candy to an onslaught of children for hours.

How about getting out to enjoy the festivities yourself?

It should be no surprise that America is the place to be during Halloween, with cities from the coast hosting various events.

Your years of trick or treating may be over but being an adult with money means you can now book a trip, and that’s a real treat.

Countless cities across America go all out every October, offering up everything from hay rides and costume parties to haunted houses and full-on Halloween festivals.

Traveling during Halloween also benefits your bank account because you miss the September Labor Day and Thanksgiving travel increases.

Don’t be a country bumpkin, then.

This Halloween, get out and embrace your inner pumpkin by visiting one of these terrifying US Haunted Halloween destinations.

8 Spooky USA Destinations for a Haunted Halloween

America is full of haunted attractions that entice thrill seekers, from pirate-themed taverns to locations made famous by cameos in horror films.

An affinity for paranormal mythology is ingrained in American culture.

Throughout the United States, you can go on ghost tours, hear stories about haunted locales, and even go ghost hunting.

Here are 8 spooky destinations to fill your spooky cravings. 

New Orleans

8 Spooky USA Destinations for a Haunted Halloween

For many, New Orleans is best known for Mardi Gras revelry and swinging jazz bands, but it isn’t all laissez les bons temps rouler.

Often referred to as America’s most haunted city, New Orleans has a long history that comprises many gruesome episodes.

Its creaky houses, above-ground cemeteries, and bloody lore have made it our most popular destination in the country for ghost and vampire tours.

To experience its frights, tour the French Quarter after dark and visit landmarks like the infamous LaLaurie Mansion.

Travel by mule-drawn carriage for an old-fashioned feel or learn about the city’s voodoo traditions while creeping through three different cemeteries.

Charleston, South Carolina

8 Spooky USA Destinations for a Haunted Halloween

Old-timey Charleston offers up picturesque streets, Southern hospitality, and a wealth of ghost stories.

It may be known as “the Holy City,” but that hasn’t scared away the spirits said to inhabit the city’s centuries-old cemeteries or the poltergeists lingering in dark corners of its historical manors.

That might be why ghost tour bookings are up 58% this year.

To discover Charleston’s uncanny side for yourself, get exclusive after-hours access to the supposedly haunted Unitarian Church graveyard.

Or head down dark alleys and cobblestone streets on a creepy horse and carriage ride.

Clayton, New Mexico

Spooky destination

Clayton is the most haunted city in New Mexico, despite its small size and shaky airport.

The Herzstein Museum will teach you about the horrible stories of New Mexico during the Great Depression and Dust Bowl.

At Hotel Eklund, you can relive Old West gunfights and learn about Blackjack Ketchum, one of the most notorious bandits in Southwest history, who was hung for his crimes and buried in Clayton.

His spirit is said to live at the Union County Courthouse and Jail.

Los Angeles, California

Spooky USA

While navigating LA traffic on any given day can be a nightmare, the city is also home to a large number of haunted sites, including its numerous hotels and theaters.

It turns out that despite being known as the City of Angels, Los Angeles is just as much all about the devils and demons as well.

Visit the Roosevelt Hotel to see the ghost of Marilyn Monroe or check out the Rosenheim Mansion, which was used as the Murder House in the first season of American Horror Story.

Meanwhile, the eclectic Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group puts on the adults-only Urban Death Tour of Terror for Halloween.

You can expect some pretty explicit content, including nudity.

Then there’s the annual Los Angeles Haunted Hayride in Griffith Park as well as the Magic Castle in Hollywood, which is touted as the most mysterious private club in the country.

Some notable haunted landmarks in the surrounding area include the famous Hollywood sign, where ghosts have been frequently seen, and the Queen Mary docked in Long Beach.

Miami, Florida

Halloween Miami

Miami is undoubtedly one of the most fun and vibrant cities in the world, but it’s also one of the most haunted.

Famous gangsters, including Al Capone, the Russian and Cuban Mafias, and the Colombian Cartel, all made their presence here, and many ghosts still remain.

Miami is also where Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace was murdered in his mansion, Casa Casuarina, now the luxurious Villa Casa Casuarina boutique hotel.

You can be assured that his ghost won’t be dressed in just a plain white sheet.

Another haunted site is the Biltmore, where a gangster was once murdered, and cigar smoke from decades past is said to still linger.

The Biltmore usually hosts a Halloween party with an open bar and buffet, along with plenty of attendees in costumes.

You can check out the Deering Estate or Charlotte Jane Memorial Park Cemetery for more terrifying fun.

Additional creepy activities can also be had in the nearby Everglades, attempting to spot the elusive skunk ape or rogue introduced pythons.

St. Augustine, Florida

Spooky Florida

Billed as the oldest city in the United States, St. Augustine’s history dates back to 1565—and its grim past events, ranging from colonial conflicts and piracy to Civil War violence, have all left a lasting impression on this seafront city.

Delve into its darker corners on a haunted trolley tour, where you can view the eerie Tolomato Cemetery, look out for ghosts of yellow fever victims at the Old City Gate, or discover St. Augustine’s spookiest landmark: the Old Jail.

Alternatively, step out on a ghostly walking tour under darkness. Just don’t hesitate: tour bookings were up 115% in 2021.

Key West

8 Spooky USA Destinations for a Haunted Halloween

Are tropical breezes, swaying palm trees, and white-sand beaches at odds with the Halloween spirit? Think again.

Key West, idyllic as it may seem, also promises plenty of frights—some paranormal experts have even described it as one of the most haunted cities in the US. It’s no surprise, then, that bookings for its occult-themed tours have more than tripled since 2019.

Options like a ride aboard the “Trolley of the Doomed,” a haunted pub crawl and ghost tour, and an after-dark walking tour provide different ways to rub proverbial shoulders with Key West’s resident specters.

Charlotte, North Carolina

8 Spooky USA Destinations for a Haunted Halloween

Taking a ghost tour in Charlotte is excellent any time of the year, thanks to plenty of haunted buildings and neighborhoods.

Still, during Halloween, you also have pop-up haunted trails and farms surrounding the city.

Some great places to seek out paranormal activity include Queens University, where students say they have seen both the ghosts of Confederate soldiers as well as of a student who had committed suicide within her dorm room.

Other haunted Charlotte locations include the nearly 100-year-old Carolina Theater, Old Settlers Cemetery, and the Barringer Hotel.

Charlotte also boasts many Halloween Bar Crawls for those not into hearing ghost stories.

If you’re looking for a truly terrifying Halloween experience, look no further than the USA.

Our country is home to some of the best (and scariest) haunted destinations around.

From spooky mansions to terrifying theme parks, there’s something for everyone who wants to get their scare on.

So if you’re brave enough, check out one of these eight amazing spooky USA destinations this Halloween season!

8 Spooky USA Destinations for a Haunted Halloween

There’s a chill in the air, the nights are drawing in—and something spooky this way comes.

To make the most of Halloween’s impending arrival, plan a spine-chilling escape to one of these cities, known for being some of the most haunted places in the country.

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And don’t delay: ghost and vampire tour bookings are up almost 40% in the last two years, so you’ll want to make plans in advance.

From after-dark walking tours and cemetery visits to voodoo-themed excursions, discover the eerie and uncanny side of these popular destinations—just in time for All Hallows’ Eve.

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