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5 Ways to Decorate This Year’s Christmas Tree

We all know that I am a sucker for a well-decorated house during this time of the year. The holidays are a great reason to bring out the tinsel, garlands, and all things red and sparkly.

Of course, anyone’s piece de resistance would be their Christmas tree. Whether you go for natural pine or an artificial one, there are always ways to spruce it up. Make your tree unique with these fun ideas!

5 Ways to Decorate This Year’s Christmas Tree

5 Ways to Decorate This Year’s Christmas TreeBurlap, Baby!
I love the idea of a beautiful, cozy, rustic look for the holidays. I appreciate a burlap garland – it can give your holiday décor such an elegant touch. You can stick with the theme by using burlap as ribbon for your presents. If you go the extra mile, you can even use brown kraft paper for your wrap and this way, the whole theme just ties up together!

Felt Ornaments5 Ways to Decorate This Year’s Christmas Tree
One theme you could follow is the sole use of felt ornaments. I love the fun, playful, and colorful look it could give a tree. Plus, it’s safe for younger children – no broken glass anywhere!

Picture Perfect
Whether in greeting card form or ornament frames, pictures make for the perfect tree decor. It’s always lovely seeing photographs of kids and grandkids! If you add a picture to your tree every year, you can see the little ones grow. Fantastic memories made, indeed!

Color of the Year
Many people like sticking with a color theme every year. This option may get a bit pricey since you’ll have to buy/make new ornaments for each holiday season. One year, I did a pink theme and it came out wonderfully. You can go all out and the end result looks clean and coherent.

Big & Bold
Rather than decorating your tree with small knick-knacks from top to bottom, why not go for large, statement ornaments? You won’t have to use as many and it would make for a simplified and sophisticated look.

How do you decorate your tree for the holidays? Do you ever work with any themes? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to read your ideas!

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