We all know what an embarrassment can be to have to excuse, our selves at a party only to use the bathroom and have to fish in our purse for a tampon or a maxi pad. Recently I was given the opportunity to review a very cool and unique product. It is called MaskIT and [...]

Anavita Moisturizing Anti-Wrinkle Cream


I want to introduce you to  another great product for your face, Anavita . My face is what people notice the most and I am always looking for the newest things I can use on it.   Anavita says you can have more beautiful, smoother skin in just 2 to 4 weeks and see continuing [...]

Mia Mariu’s RestauraCel-C Thermal Microdermabrasion Set


Everyone knows that growing older we tend to need to take care of ourselves more, especially our faces. When it comes to my face im all about making sure I use my creams and moisturizer every day and night. For myself I have aged very good thanks to my family genes no one looked their [...]

Cat Face Cat Scratch Furniture


As everyone knows we love our fur babies, and any time I get a chance to try out new things on them I do. Hannah is our cat and when i tell you she is spoiled believe me she is, she has everything from toys, to treats to her trees and so much more. Her [...]

Body Merry Cellulite Defense Gel


As everyone knows we are on our weight lost journey and so far we have lost a lot of weight, and with losing that much weight all the fat seems to hang. With weight loss I have definitely notice some, let’s just say body changes. Things that were once firm are looking a bit different. [...]

Funley’s Super Crackers and Wholly Granolly


We are always looking for better snacks for our children, sometimes my children just get tired of the same old snacks! We always want to pack as much nutrition into our child’s snacks as we can and that is why I love giving them Funley’s snacks. They really love Funley’s Super Crackers and Wholly Granolly. [...]

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Launches Reality Shock! Getaway Contest


Take Ripley’s weekly Reality Shock! quiz for a chance to win a trip to Orlando that includes an exclusive private tour of the Ripley’s Collection  Readers of the new Ripley’s Believe It or Not! book Reality Shock! know the strange stories, fun facts and bizarre bits are good for hours of entertainment. But now knowing [...]

Van Gogh Vodka Halloween Cocktails


Van Gogh Candy Corn Shooter 2 oz. Van Gogh Classic 80 Proof Vodka 2 oz. Banana liqueur 2 oz. Coconut rum 2 oz. Orange curacao 2 oz. Cream Grenadine Combine Van Gogh Classic 80 Proof Vodka and Banana Liqueur into a mixer with ice. Shake and pour into the bottom of the shot glass. Then [...]

Simple Holiday Travel Health tips for Families

family travel

Tips for keeping the family safe and healthy this holiday season   The holidays are right around the corner and the cooler weather brings flu and cold season. It may seem that when traveling for the holidays with your family, your kids cannot keep their hands off of anything, from airport door handles to every [...]

National Teen Driver Safety Week


This week is National Teen Driver Safety Week (Oct. 19-25) and there are some tips in here that parents might find very valuable for teen drivers and passengers.     The Number One Killer of Teens is Motor Vehicle Crashes   In half of fatalities, teen not wearing seat belt; new study explores why:   [...]

Halloween Surprise #SmokehouseBBQ

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 This post is part of a 2-part series in partnership with Sverve and Farm Rich. All opinions are 100% my own. #smokehousebbq If you are anything like me and have young kids in school, and you are in school yourself, plus insanely busy, then we have a lot in common. It can be a hectic day at [...]