Bee Control Starts with Safety First

The city of Orange, California has a warm and dry climate. The average temperatures in the summer range between 74 and 84 degrees. These temperatures are perfect for beekeeping since bees are exceptionally temperature-sensitive. Temperatures of over 98 degrees can be stressful for bees. Since the region has the perfect temperature, there are many thriving [...]

PS4 and FIFA14 Bundle Giveaway


Every four years the greatest soccer celebration takes place during the world’s most widely viewed sporting event. To get ready for the Brazil is sponsoring an awesome soccer themed giveaway. is the first fantasy sport game website created exclusively for soccer. You can easily login using Facebook or Twitter, choose your players from [...]


Recently I was contacted by Surpahs to do a review on a couple of items, Digital Kitchen Scale, Bamboo Kitchen Utensils, Outlook Digital Bathroom Scale, and the Bamboo cutting board.   The first thing I want to tell you about is the Digital Kitchen Scale..   The stainless steel wraps around the edges and there [...]