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Where To Find A Travel Buddy?

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Solo trips are not for everyone. Most people prefer to travel with family, friends, or their partners. Why?

Because exploring new places together feels safer and more fun.

Unfortunately, friends and family cannot always accompany us on our trips – they are busy with their own lives. So if you don’t want to travel alone, you should find a travel buddy.

Here are four strategies you can use.

Travel Blogs and Forums 

One of the easiest ways to connect with like-minded people is through travel blogs and forums:

  • Go to Reddit’s Travel Partners message board and post your trip. Just make sure to include the start date, end date, and destination in your title.
  • Check threads relevant to your destination on travel forums. The chances are someone has already posted a message “looking for a travel buddy to explore X destinations”.
  • Check comment sections under relevant blog posts on travel sites. For instance, if you want to travel to Bangkok, you should find articles like “Where to stay in Bangkok: best hotels for solo travelers” and look through the comments under it.

Social Media

It doesn’t really matter how many followers you have on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: 20 or 2K. If people follow you, they are already loyal and support your point of view.

The chances are some of them dream about visiting the same places as you do.

You need to write a post about where you want to go and when and invite everyone to join you on your trip. Here is an example of the post:

“Hi, guys! I want to travel to Ksamil, Albania, this summer. I want to dive in crystal-clear waters, walk white sand beaches, try Elbasan tava, and drink raki. Would you like to join me on my trip? Just drop me a line in direct”.

International Dating Services

Are you single? Do you want to find someone who will become more than just a travel buddy? You can use a dating app – there are many daters out there who love traveling as much as you do. 

You can find love without boundaries on the web. On the app, you can meet someone from your city, another country, or even someone from your travel destination. 

Let’s say you travel to Turkey. You can use a dating app to find a local who will ask you out for a coffee and show you around. Who knows, maybe there will be a sparkle between the two of you, and he will become your lifelong partner.

Join a Private Travel Group

Many private group tours are offered worldwide, and you can choose one to join. For instance, if you are a girl, you can go on a girl trip to Cappadocia, which includes an air balloon ride, drinking Champagne, and a photoshoot in a long flying dress.

Or if you are a middle-aged guy, you can go on a fishing trip with other guys who love fishing, talking about sports, and drinking dark lager beer.

Such private group tours are usually advertised via social media. You can read reviews of other travelers who have already gone on these trips to make sure that the tour is worth the price you pay.

Wrapping It Up

Wherever you live and wherever you go, you can always find someone to travel with. Thanks to digital technologies, you can meet a travel buddy (or a few buddies) real quick.  

Make sure to know your travel buddy before your trip – it’s a basic safety measure you shouldn’t ignore. Just chat for a few days or make a few calls – it will be enough to ensure that your new friend is not a scam.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.