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Your Guide To Buying Vintage Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are essential for couples who are tying the knot.

Many brides-to-be would like to receive a special vintage engagement ring, knowing it encompasses the romantic history of their relationship.

If you are considering a vintage engagement for your partner, you might need expert help to make the right decisions.

Your Guide To Buying Vintage Engagement Rings

Here is some information you can use when buying vintage engagement rings:

Tips for Buying Vintage Engagement Rings

Know What Vintage Jewelry Is

Vintage jewelry items are pieces that have existed for at least 50 years.

They should not be confused with an antique piece, which is at least 100 years old.

Some sellers would often brand their items as vintage to hijack their price point.

Ideally, pieces from the 1940s can be considered vintage.

Differentiate Costume and Fine Jewelry

You will see plenty of costume jewelry in antique shops, which most customers think of as vintage jewelry.

This means that it could be gold-plated silver instead of solid gold or having common gemstones rather than authentic precious stones.

Costume jewelry is much cheaper than fine jewelry, which gives you a good bargain.

However, over time, fine jewelry can be a good investment, especially if you want to start a tradition in your family.

Your Guide To Buying Vintage Engagement Rings

Know the Designs of the Era

When you are offered a vintage piece, inquire about what era it’s from, and from there, you can research what designs and metals were used to vet its authenticity.

Let’s say you are offered an Edwardian engagement ring.

Ideally, it should have filigree patterns, featuring intricate patterns and integrated designs.

You should also find several accent stones, particularly pave settings, as these are the popular designs during the period.

For example, Kalfin’s vintage engagement rings would typically carry features distinctive of an era.

Vet Your Seller

Whenever you are buying from a seller, you should do a background check.

Do they have the necessary permits?

Do they have good reviews?

Knowing how reputable your seller is can give you an assurance that you can indeed get a good deal on vintage engagement rings.

Some nefarious sellers would often trick their buyers into thinking they are paying good money on a vintage piece when the ring is only treated to make it look old.

Your Guide To Buying Vintage Engagement Rings

Check the Quality

Vintage engagement rings should look old because it is part of their charm and value.

However, it is best if you can choose a piece that still shows premium quality.

Don’t go buying a ring that has missing stones or chipped metal.

It will only cost you more money replacing the stones or repairing the metal. Carefully examine each piece that you are buying.

Look at the prongs to know if they are still durable enough to hold the stones in place.

If you can buy vintage collectible items, all the better.

Examine every angle and look for hallmarks to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth.

Key Takeaways

Going for a vintage engagement ring has many benefits.

Not only will it be a good investment for you and your partner, but it will provide your partner with a heartfelt symbol of your relationship.

With that being said, take our tips into consideration so you can create long-lasting and loving memories with the love of your life.

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