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Why Divorce Is The Best Solution To An Unhealthy Marriage

Divorce can often be a scary word, one that is associated with grief, disputes and bitterness.

Why Divorce Is The Best Solution To An Unhealthy Marriage

It is hard to admit that a relationship we invested our lives into is no longer sustainable.

However, what if we could break the mould and see divorce as a positive movement?

Here are just some of the ways a divorce can make the best of a bad situation.

It offers you a fresh start – Divorce is the act of detaching yourself from someone else and becoming your own person once again. You can use this as a chance to start again, reinvent yourself and be the person you have always wanted to be. This offers you a new lease of life and the energy to take on challenges you wouldn’t have once due to the constraints of your relationship. You no longer have anyone else to consider – it’s all about you now!

Being a single parent is a better than modelling a bad relationship – If you have children in your relationship, you should know that the one thing that binds you together is the love for your child. The Royal Collage of Psychiatrists states that you should never use your child as a weapon to get back at your partner or expect your child to take sides, as you can project feelings of guilt, worry and anger onto them. So, to reduce the risks of this issue arising, an amicable divorce is the best option. If this cannot be achieved alone, then it might be a good idea to use a divorce solicitor to help proceedings be as agreeable and easy for everyone involved.

Why Divorce Is The Best Solution To An Unhealthy Marriage

You may be stifling your and your partner’s growth – If your time is taken up by disagreements and upset, then you are stealing time away from your own personal growth. Feeling bound to a relationship because you feel you should be rather than wanting to be is not a valid reason to stay together. All the time you invest in unresolvable issues could be spent on personal growth. Think about your own healing process and what you might need to do to make yourself whole again, and from there you can begin to flourish into the person you were destined to be.

You can focus your energy on more important aspects of your life – Being your own entity allows time for reflection and evaluation. Being alone gives you valuable time to question what the most important parts of your life are, discover what makes you happy and gives you the space to design a new life around those things. Whether it be work, family or hobbies, the time that was once consumed by an unhealthy relationship can now be spent on positive movements.

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