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What You Should Know About Relationships With A Transgender Person

There may be a host of reasons for being attracted to singles identifying as transgender.

Straight men will naturally gravitate towards females, but not necessarily all the time. Some might find themselves turned on by feminine trans individuals who still retain their male sexual organs.

Men have been curious about all sorts of permutations for years.

Heterosexual males sometimes get into cross-dressing. Others are drawn to non-binary people or trans women (females assigned male sexuality at birth).

What You Should Know About Relationships With A Transgender Person

Getting into relationships with non-binary or trans people might initially seem like a bit of a minefield for newcomers.

But there is no need to treat such a relationship any differently to any other.

What Is It Like to Be the Partner of Someone Who Is Transgender?

People identifying as trans are markedly unique because there are so many permutations under the transgender umbrella.

The social outlets where you can interact with trans men or trans women are much less restricted compared to the socializing outlets available to the general population.

The most obvious reason for this is the relatively small proportion of the population affected.

Although there are no definitive statistics in the UK, it is estimated there are around 500,000 trans people, representing less than 1% of the total.

If you are keen to connect with someone who is transgender, your best bet would be to sign up for one of the many online dating websites catering to the community of trans people and those who adore them.

Once you’ve uploaded your details to your account on such a dating site, you should find it comparatively straightforward to begin, flirting before arranging a tranny hookup.

Being the partner of someone who is transgender is going to put you in the firing line for unwelcome remarks.

But from the point of view of nurturing a relationship, you should look at the person first.

Transgender-Specific Issues

You will need to prepare for eyebrows being raised.

In a survey conducted by LGBTQ rights advocates Stonewall, 41% of trans women and men admitted to experiencing a hate crime because of their identity.

The key to being a loving partner is showing unequivocal support, even in the face of ignorance.

Respect Their Sexuality

Gender identity can be difficult. When someone has decided they wish to transition, this isn’t something that is going to happen overnight.

The person you are attracted to might be at the pre-op stage, meaning they might be undertaking some form of hormone treatment but have yet to undergo the surgical procedure.

They could have had top surgery – cosmetic changes to their facial features and bone structure.

Or they might be post-op, having had surgery to alter the genitalia they were assigned at birth. It might be the case that you got together before they came out as transgender.

This will be a time of flooding emotions for them, but also you.

What You Should Know About Relationships With A Transgender Person

What if you were a cisgender male, and your female partner decided to transition to match the male identity they are feeling.

Would you be considered gay for sticking with them? Here’s the crucial piece of advice.

The non-transitioning person in this relationship does not have to fret about changing anything.

Don’t fixate on genitalia or worry about how your sex life is going to continue. If you truly love the trans person, you will be able to overcome this aspect.

Some won’t be able to accept this fundamental change, but if you decide you wish to stick with them, the next step would be educating yourself.

Don’t See Them as a Fetish

Never look upon your relationship with a trans partner as something ‘kinky’ because it might be perceived to be outwith the mainstream.

Instead, don’t try to compartmentalize what you have at all. Focus on making the most of your connection. In the early stages of your relationship, spend a lot of your time establishing a bond.

This can be done by communicating openly and regularly.

If you met your new partner on a trans or LGBTQ dating site, take advantage of the secure communication platform to exchange messages.

Develop a rapport. Find out about your partner’s passion and interests – the real things they appreciate and love to do, as opposed to anything you might falsely assume their trans status might compel them to do.

The longer your partnership lasts, the more time you should dedicate to maintaining and strengthening your bond.

To summarize, it would be only natural to approach a relationship with a transgender person with some apprehension.

There is still so much misinformation and outright prejudice towards this demographic. But chemistry is a wonderful thing, and nobody can control who they are attracted to.

If you have been attracted to a trans person, all you have to do is show empathy and understanding at all times.

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