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What Do We Know About The Risks Of Psychedelics?

Psychedelics are a type of drug that has been used to trigger non-customary sene conditions. using these can cause temporary physical, psychological, auditory, and visual changes.

Some of the psychedelic drugs are legitimized for use in medical purposes. However, there are several illegal drugs present on the market.

And to be honest, using these drugs can eventually cause side effects and many more. Besides, these drugs come along with many other risk factors as well.

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Having no baseline information about these risks can cause you a life or death situation as well.

What Do We Know About The Risks Of Psychedelics?

And that is probably the last thing on this earth you have ever wanted!

Hence, in case you were clueless about it, let us gather some knowledge on the risks of psychedelics.

Risks of psychedelics

By now, all of us have understood that psychedelics create an alternative consciousness or sensation and works upon the nervous system and certain portions of the brain.

Now, using an excessive amount of these may affect health. Also, some illegal or unethical drugs are banned because of their severe effect on people.

We may observe two types of major types of side effects or risks of these drugs.

One can be called a short-term effect, and another is a long-term effect.

The short-term effects might include dizziness, trembling, cramps, weakness, blurred vision, fever, dried mouth, excessive thirst, and many more.

Now let us look at the effects in detail.

Short term effects

Dizzyness and sleeplessness

The first short-term effect of mentioning in the list would be dizziness and sleeplessness.

Many people have experienced a strange discomfort when it comes to activity.

And on the other hand, some have experienced acute sleeplessness.


This one is also very common. And people have suffered from it in a vivid manner.

People experiencing impulsiveness may have mood shifts very often. These rapid emotional changes are so broad-ranging that sometimes it is hard to control.

It can range from fear or anxiety to euphoria. Some people, not being able to handle it properly, have died as well.

What Do We Know About The Risks Of Psychedelics?

Loss of appetite and dry mouth

Another vivid side effect of using psychedelic drugs is to have little or no appetite at all. Also, the inside of the mouth becomes so dry that it becomes hard to chew food.

Hence the intake of water increases drastically.

Numbness, weakness, and tremors

This is a quite common effect of psychedelic drugs.

Since they work upon the brain and the nervous system as well, the numbness and weakness in the body are a must to count in the list.

Long term effects

The long-term effects of psychedelic drugs can be severely dangerous.

They come along with risk factors. Hence being able to detect the issues in the first place will help you a lot in further treatment. Let us know a bit more about the long-term effects.


One thing that has been noticed in people taking psychedelic drugs is Tolerance.

This can be a real problem if it reaches a severe or acute position. Studies have shown that drugs like LSD create a high level of Tolerance within users.

Hence every time, the user has to take a larger amount than the previous one for getting the same effects.

And the Tolerance of one specific drug creates the Tolerance for similar other drugs as well.

However, one must remember that this effect is not a never-ending one.

If a person stops taking drugs, he or she can come back to square one. But the stopping period might be quite problematic!

Persistent Psychosis and Flashbacks

Another major long-term effect of Psychedelic drugs is persistent psychosis and flashbacks.

It is also known as hallucinogen persisting perception disorder (HPPD). In this condition, a patient feels extremely disorganized when it comes to thinking.

Even the patients suffering from this disorder may have issues with mood disturbances as well. Paranoid thoughts are quite common in this condition.

And additionally, visual disturbances can also occur.

What Do We Know About The Risks Of Psychedelics?

One of the most critical issues of this condition is the flashback. Patients have been recorded to hallucinate multiple flashbacks.

This can be quite fatal as there is no way out to control.

Cardiac issues  

Cardiac problems are also quite common for psychedelic patients. Increased heart rate may cause relatively high blood pressure.

And in some difficult situations, cardiac arrests are not something impossible.

Final words

Like everything on this earth, drugs, especially psychedelic drugs, also come with their pros and cons.

They have been used in medication for nervous problems and have recorded success.

But along with it comes the risks and side effects. Having a general knowledge about the risks and effects of psychedelics can help in the future journey.

So, educate yourself and your surroundings and do the needful.

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