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Waterproof Love Notes For Valentine’s Day

Waterproof Love Notes For Valentine's Day

When I want to do something simple for my sweetie, I write a little love note.  Somehow with all of the technology out there, we have lost our ability to communicate through writing.  Let's get back to that by using AquaNotes.  This is a waterproof notepad that you can actually use in the shower, bath, rain, or wherever water is.  I was able to write while I was showering!  You could use this for a quick “I love you” in the morning for your Valentine, or use it for a great idea you don't want to forget.  The company says “no more great ideas down the drain”.  I have to tell you it was pretty cool being able to write while under water.  Kids would love using this too after you remind them to wash!


So instead of using the steam on the mirror to write something (which goes away too fast), get some AquaNotes.  Your message will stay there until you decide to erase it or throw it away.  The pages are tear-proof and perforated for easy removal.  It comes with a pencil, the notepad and suction cups to hold both.  The pencil has the “no more great ideas down the drain” on it, as a cute little reminder.

AquaNotes are made of waterproof paper that is completely recyclable, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic.  The pencils are made with Incense Cedarwood (a renewable resource) and are water resistant.  The ink used to print the logo on the notepad is even soy based.


More Notes They Offer

The company also offers Aqua Love Notes which would be perfect for Valentine's Day, for obvious reasons.  There is also Aqua Fun Notes for the bathtub.  These have cool puzzles to keep the mind busy while in the bathroom.  One other product they offer is Aqua Boat Notes.  They all do the same thing except for the puzzles.

Great For Us Busy Bees

This product would be great for people that think in the shower, Moms, and families on the go (to organize your to-do-list, errands, etc. for the day).  Artists and people that love to doodle (like me), boaters, college students, and anyone else!

Imagine you are working outside for the day and it starts to rain, but just enough to be annoying.  You have to measure and write those measurements down.  What do you do?  You bring out the AquaNotes, and you have no problem!  These amazing notes could be used for so many things, maybe you can think of more.  Leave me some comments and give me your thoughts!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.