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Poo-nicorns – The Poo-fect Valentine’s Gift

While we may be busy buying gifts for our significant others, we cannot forget about our children on Valentine’s day. If you’re looking for the poo-fect gift for a loved one this Valentine’s Day, look no further than Poo-nicorns! Poo-nicorns are the combination of the best of the hottest trends right now: rainbows, unicorns, and the infamous poo emoji. They are unique with their different personalities. The colorful cast of characters is Bloopy, Blossom, Lolly, Skyla, and Fawna. Each of them has special powers. They are a great team and the best of friends. They work together to get through the Poo-niverse. Poo-unicorns are available as PlushiPalz, Droplings, Plushiez, Poo-nicorn Pillows, Squishiez, and Puffiez.

Poo-nicorn Pillows

Poo-nicorn Pillow is 16”. They are the perfect size to cuddle with or use as a pillow. You can also take them along with you in the car as your pal. They are available for $7.99.

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They fit in the palm of your hands. These are just the right size to take to the park.

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The Plushiez is 14″. They are rather large and have big feet with colorful hair. If your kids love snuggling, then this is the right size for that.

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Squishiez comes in a blue, circular container. You open the container to an adorable Poo-nicorn. You can assemble the container to hold your character for display. The Squishiez are sold as a blind pack, meaning you will not know which Poo-nicorn you will get it until you open it. I really enjoyed opening them and I love the squishy feeling. The back of the Poo-nicorn is really cute because they have a colorful back.

Poo-nicorns - The Poo-fect Valentine's Gift3 (1)

Poo-nicorn Pillows, Droplings, Plushiez, and Squishiez are bright in color and very soft.

You can see each of the Poo-nicorns on Youtube. Follow along on their adventures in Poo-topia. In Poo-topia, you will see Bloopy, Blossom, Lolly, Skyla, and Fawna solve problems, develop in their friendship, learn how to fit in, and some enjoy funny potty jokes. Make your children and loved ones laugh out loud with these unique characters.

Poo-unicorns also have an app, Poo-nicorpia, that is available on iOS and Andriod.

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