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Unlock Salesforce’s Full Potential for Enhanced Productivity

Salesforce is a tremendously useful tool which has found its way into every professional sphere. No matter how long you’ve been using Salesforce, or what level of staff you are on, you will always find that you are not using the tool to its full potential and that there is a world of functionality like Salesforce Git which you can unlock to make your work infinitely more productive. There are several useful YouTube channels, blogs, tutorials and official documentations which you can read to understand these features further.

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List Views

Leads, opportunities, open cases, and almost any subject can be displayed quite efficiently using list views, so it is a fantastic idea to make the most of them. Break away from the standard template, and experiment with multiple specific lists, which you can scroll between to collect whatever information you need, or use a single broad list.

There are a few standard email templates in Salesforce which you may have come across while working on them, coupled with mail merge and other functionality to make your life easier, like introduction emails or lead responses. What often goes unnoticed is the fact that you too can create personal templates as per your needs or wishes. Instead of typing out lengthy messages or being forced to retain information every time, you could just reuse any of the templates you’ve created for yourself.


Reports are an integral part of Salesforce and are the best way to squeeze out and display the statistics of any particular situation. Most Salesforce users shy away from reports because they seem daunting. However, once learned, these are really easy to implement and pay huge dividends each time. You can create reports for closed opportunities, sales, leads and a lot more in just a few minutes. These are really intuitive and look great as well for presentations or even just for your understanding.

There are numerous situations where reports are applicable. For example, if you chart out all the cases you are working on, against the time you have spent on them, you’d be able to single out the leads you are taking the most time to close, and understand exactly how to tackle them in the near future. Furthermore, you can understand how you are faring by comparing yourself to your peers, and motivate yourself to work further by creating reports.


Of all the amazing features bundled with Salesforce, Dashboards are possibly the most visually appealing, powerful and useful features. A dashboard can successfully integrate as many as 20 lists, charts or tables, each called a component, and each relating to a single report. You could create a dashboard for yourself, and set it to display customized, relevant information in real-time. This way, you can have a quick glance at the stats of any report without really having to get into it. The learning curve is minimal too, especially if you already know your way around Reports.


The most incredible aspect about Salesforce is also probably the most ignored one. AppExchange is a package manager, a lot like Ubuntu’s Software Centre, or the iOS AppStore. Free or paid apps can be installed onto your system for extra functionality or features that you need. It is ever-growing, with new apps and updates making their way onto the AppExchange almost every day to make your life simpler. From pre-built Dashboards to Cloud Accountancy Software, Salesforce GitHub, and other computing facilities, this has it all. The effects are immediate, so you should keep an eye out for any app which could work wonders for your job. Be sure to consult your Administrator before installing, though!

Author Bio: Martin Forrest is a software engineer working at a digital marketing company as the head of computing. He handles the entire database and real-time cloud statistics update departments, and also works on Salesforce Git and Salesforce GitHub.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.