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Unfocused Eyesight- Reason Why Your vision is Blurry

Unfocused Eyesight- Reason Why Your vision is Blurry

For human, sight is such a valuable sense, but it might create some problems when fall through cracks. Yes, one among them is, Blurry Vision. It is one of most common eyesight problems usually projects with major concern. Try to investigate about your blurriness whether your glasses or contacts prescription needs updating. Other than this, here are some of the causes of blurry eyes and what to do about them.

Why Your Vision Is Blurry? Reason Behind this!

Prescription Glasses

The most common issues of blurry vision are farsightedness (hyperopia), Nearsightedness (myopia), and astigmatism. These both issues can be happening only when the curve of your eyes gets in the way of light and it focus directly on the retina. In this case, light rays will cause severe pain in your retina so all you need to do is, get a prescription from the ophthalmologist from the best eye hospital in Chennai for glasses or contact lenses.

Conjunctivitis May Occur

Due to adenoviruses or pesky virus, conjunctivitis or pink eye caused severely. It usually gets away within one or two weeks without any treatment. But, if you face severe symptoms along with pinky eyes such as cold, bronchitis or sore throats, talk to your physician about this antibiotic or antiviral medications. For precaution, give ice treatments to alleviate itchiness, hot compresses to relieve swelling and apply any recommended ointment to prevent irritation.

Don’t sleep with your Contacts

Without encumbering your face, contact lenses can fix your vision clearly, but if you don’t use it properly it might cause sight-robbing infections. Also, try to avoid contact lenses while sleeping because every time you blink, it will move across your eye and create micro-scratches on the surface of your eye. Also, too many small microorganisms can catch under the lens and thus it turns to put scratches near your retina.


Like conjunctivitis, Glaucoma slowly develops in your eye, which damages the optic nerve and thus finally causes blurry vision. After your age of 60, you may generally experience higher risk of eye problems, especially in the macula, an area near the retina part of your eye. Macula helps you to see objects, details or any other thing in front of you. Once, macular degeneration forms, which may results in a loss of central vision and it is difficult for you to follow your everyday activities like reading books, driving, swimming and more are understandably challenging to do so.

What’s more shocking part is, no other treatment may cure this disorder, better consult with your doctors and intake certain high dosage of vitamins, minerals in your diet to slow down the damage in the vision part.

Final verdict

Just have a glance with the above-mentioned blurry vision causes, which may even threaten your eyes slowly. Be aware of it and consult with your own personal doctor as soon as possible, if you experience some of the following conditions,

  • If you look at the sudden changes in your eyes and it doesn’t get better even after you blink your eyes.
  • If you experience severe illness in your eye.
  • Damages in any particular area of your eye.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.