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Try Oscar Blandi Glossing Creme To Tame The Frizz

Don't you hate it when you do your hair and it looks all perfect in the bathroom mirror, but then you go outside and the elements undo all that hard work? This is bound to happen when it rains or the weather is humid. When outside elements affect the hair, they can make it a frizzy mess, which is no fun! That's why you may want to protect your hair with Oscar Blandi Glossing Creme, an anti-frizz product to keep your hair tamed and looking nice!

Glossing 3

Oscar Blandi Glossing Creme is a styling creme that provides your hair with shine and tames the frizz and flyaways. And, it does so without weighing your hair down.

It's also very simple to use. You can apply a small amount to damp or dry hair and then style as usual.

Our Experience With Oscar Blandi Glossing Creme

I tried this creme on a family member's dry hair and I have to say it made a significant difference. It made her hair look healthier and lessened the appearance of split ends without weighing the hair down. It also provided a healthy-looking shine without making the hair look greasy. And, it did this simply by applying a small amount of Oscar Blandi Glossing Creme to the hair and then brushing it through. My model didn't use any styling tools besides a brush.

Glossing 1

Hair before Glossing Creme applied.

Glossing 2

Hair after Glossing Creme was applied.

The Glossing Creme has a pleasant scent that is subtle and not strong at all. Its scent is almost like that of a flower (I assume it's jasmine since jasmine flower extract is listed as an ingredient). My model commented on the smell as “very nice.”

We really like this product because of how easy it is to utilize and because of how much it helps the hair's appearance. Oscar Blandi Glossing Creme retails on the product's website for $25 for 4.2 fl. oz (125 ml.). Price is subject to change. Try it! You may find that it turns out to be one of your go-to, styling aids.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.