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Ban Bad Odor With Ban Deodorant

Ban Bad Odor With Ban Deodorant

Make stinky armpits a think of the past with roll-on deodorant from Ban. With the easy to roll-on application, you won’t have to think twice during your morning routine. Ban bad odor with Ban Deodorant.

Ban bad odor with Ban deodorant

Ban Antiperspirant Deodorant

About Ban

Ban antiperspirants and deodorants both help to decrease sweat and minimize odors caused by bacteria under the arms. Antiperspirants work to reduce the moisture and the odor while the deodorants only reduce odors. Together and with other odor reducing ingredients, Ban works to reduce specific causes of odor.

One of the main types of odors that Ban products target are stress odors. Spicy odor and S-odor are the two main types that they conquer. With technology that is used to eliminate (not mask) these odors, in addition to Kihada extract and silver cancrinite, the invisible solids line helps to make the user odor free.

How to use

The Ban website instructs the user to apply the products by using 3-4 back and forth strokes, under the arms with a roll-on invisible solid. With the gel deodorant, one turn of the wheel will cover each under arm.

What I found

Upon arrival of my Ban deodorant, I was most intrigued by the packages unique green color and modern shape. The deodorant is small enough that I may fit in my work bag (I am a nurse) and the top of the roll-on container tightly seals. This allows me to not have to worry about leakage.

I first shook the bottle of antiperspirant deodorant to mix  the contents inside. This allows the contents to evenly dispurse, giving me the proper coverage under my arms. Then I removed the cap and easily applied it to my armpits. I enjoyed the ease to which the product glided on.

Throughout my day I stayed dry and virtually odor free and this was a pleasant surprise. My husband even enjoyed using the product. He is a hard man to shop for!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.