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Top Stopoffs In Utah

Originally explored by Spanish settlers in the eighteenth century, Utah is home to some 3 million people. Because Utah is so large, it is one of the least populated states in the US, meaning that it is ripe for an adventure. What's more, of all the states in the US, it has the least income inequality. And on the basis of a group of forward thinking indicators, including lifestyle and health, was rated the best place in the US to live by a Gallup survey.

So what does this unusual state have to offer?

The Great Salt Lake

The Great Salt Lake is located about an hour's drive from Salt Lake City. The lake is a sight to behold, with the majestic Rockies rising high above the lake's Western shore.

The Great Salt Lake is the largest body of salt water in the Western hemisphere. It used to be a freshwater lake, but for geological reasons, it was cut off from a supply of freshwater. As a result, much of the original lake evaporated away, leaving behind a salty remnant.

The Great Salt Lake is a little bit like the Dead Sea in Israel. Although it is further above ground, visitors can enjoy floating in its salty water.

Dinosaur National Monument

Dinosaur lovers will enjoy the spectacle of Jurassic era fossils offered by the Dinosaur National Monument. Fossils can be seen all along the cliff wall of the Carnegie Quarry. There's also a newly constructed visitor centre that allows people to get up close and personal with the fossils.

The monument also plays host to some beautiful scenery and surrounding countryside. Leave your car at the car park and use it as the perfect base for discovering more of Utah's natural beauty.

Park City

As mentioned in the introduction, Park City is booming. One of the reasons is that it has become a popular skiing location, with gorgeous cabins for rent that provide the perfect winter getaway. That's probably because the city retains the original Olympic ski park constructed back in 2002. It’s here, if you’re brave enough, that you can practice your ski-jumping skills.


Although Park City is mainly seen as a winter destination, the city is still a great destination in the summer. Located to the East of Salt Lake City it is a great place to explore the Wasatch Mountain State park or the Ashley National Forest. It's no wonder then, that Park City vacation rentals are booming. People from all over the US and all over the world want to see what the famous state of Utah has to offer.

Moab Mountain Biking

Just on the Utah – Colorado border sits the world famous Moab mountain biking destination. Moab is unique for the fact that the bike trail itself is actually painted onto the bare rock surfaces that characterise the area.



If you do plan to have a biking holiday near Moab, be sure to pack your sunscreen and water. Temperatures can soar during the day and there is very little shade. You'll find most bikers on the trails in the early morning or in the evening during the summer when the conditions are a little cooler.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.