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Unusual Wedding Ideas for the Unconventional Bride

Unusual Wedding Ideas for the Unconventional Bride




Weddings come in all shapes and sizes. There are no rules, apart from the legal aspect. And there’s never been a better time to create a personal and non-traditional wedding. The following are a few of our favorite wedding ideas for the unconventional bride.


Go on Tour


This is a slight deviation from the holiday abroad. Combine your wedding with a holiday for close friends and family. Hire a tour bus like GoGo Charters motor coach rental, and see the sights. Other guests could join you for the ceremony and reception.


Hire a Fairground


If you love fairgrounds, then this might be the ultimate wedding reception idea. Rather than a wedding singer or a disco, hire a fairground for your guests. They can enjoy the rides and hook a duck. And there will be plenty of hot dogs, cotton candy, and sweet treats to snack on.


If your budget doesn’t stretch to this, then opt for a bouncy castle. They’re not just for children. Nope, you can hire them for adults too.


Hire a Food Truck


If a proper sit-down meal isn’t your thing, then hire a food truck. They come in all sizes and guises and provide a variety of food options. Try something simple like fish and chips. Or opt for crepes or burgers. You can even hire food trucks selling cupcakes and sweets. Click here to find other unusual food ideas.


Set Up a Tattoo Bar


Give your guests something a little bit different, and hire a tattoo bar for your wedding reception. We’re not talking real tattoos, of course, just the temporary kind. Remember to take lots of pics.


Set up Teepees


If you’re opting for an outdoor wedding, marquees are traditional. Consider providing small teepees as well. Friends can congregate and around them throughout the day. Rather than a welcome line, guests could visit the bride and groom in their personal teepee.


Hire an Unusual Venue


When choosing a venue, there are many alternatives to hotels and banqueting suites. Think creatively and consider what will suit you and your partner. Some of our favorite locations include windmills, aquariums, film studios and lighthouses. Follow these five tips to the perfect wedding.


Be Creative with Your Dress


Unconventional brides often choose unconventional dresses. There are so many options. Choose a character from your favorite book or favorite film. If you have a favorite historical period, then style your outfit accordingly. Remember Angelina Jolie’s gown, customized with her children’s artwork? You could do something similar and incorporate you or your partner’s designs.


Create a Mini Magazine


Rather than an Order of Service, provide your guests with a mini magazine. This could include information about the bride, groom and wedding party. Link it to the day with drinks vouchers and competitions.
These are a few of our favorite ideas, but there are many. The best ideas are the ones that are personal to you and your partner. The ones that have significance and mean something. You don’t need a big budget for an unconventional wedding. Little touches here or there can make all the difference. And remember, no rules.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.