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Welch’s knows how to have Easter Fun!

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Welch’s Fruit Snacks are the Perfect gift for your Easter Basket!


Welch’s brand has been creating fruit snacks for years.  They set themselves apart from other brands by using real fruit as an ingredient. These tasty treats are great the whole year round, but for Easter they have fun shapes to help you celebrate the holiday.

welchs fruit snacks for easter

Candy, Candy and more candy! That is what Easter ends up looking like at our house. I feel as though every holiday we celebrate we buy tons of candy. Halloween we fill buckets full of candy, Christmas we fill stocking full of candy and Easter at our house is no different. We fill baskets full of candy. 

I love our yearly tradition of me, the mom, finding and buying treats for my kiddos and piling them in a basket. Yes, I said pile them. Not stack, not lay, not arrange, I pile candy treats and toys on top of each other so they fit in the adorable Easter basket. Then, dad gets involved and helps me figure out a hiding place that will be sure to stump the kids! We hid them in closets, dishwashers and even the toy bin in the past few years. Where ever we can think of to hide it so it takes some time for the kids to find. I know some families hide Easter eggs. This is a fun tradition but I find myself a little lazy and uncoordinated when trying to open and fill individual eggs. So, my kids get a basket piled full of fun treats and everyone is happy.

welchs fruit snacks for easter

As a mom, I worry about letting my kids have too much sugar. Especially around these holiday’s that it seems that candy is all we do to celebrate. So, usually, after the kids taste a few treats all the candy goes into a jar and they get to pick out two pieces a day to enjoy. What I love about Welch’s fruit snacks is that they contain real fruit. My kids enjoy them just as much as candy and yet, I know there is some natural sugar in them and they are not loaded with just white sugar. 

This year I will be getting these Welch’s Fruit Snacks in Easter shapes and putting some in the basket as well. With great shapes such as chickens, eggs and flowers the kids will love the Easter theme while I love that they are eating fruit as a main ingredient. 

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