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Tiny Tips For Better Mental Health As Parents

With Covid going on for so long, the priorities of everyone’s lives have significantly changed.

Earlier sudden emergencies such as rapid testing for an STD, unplanned pregnancies, and complaints at the workplace seemed like a huge crisis. 

However, with the pandemic changing life in myriad ways, even these events seem irrelevant.

Tiny Tips For Better Mental Health As Parents

The focus today has shifted to understanding and prioritizing mental health as much as physical health.

Given that conversations around mental health are still few and sparse, parents need to pay attention to this dimension.

Accepting the Weightage of Mental Health

  • Since parents and kids have been locked up longer and closer together than ever before, the dynamics of their relationship have altered. Changing moods, different mindsets, and negative vibes make it difficult for parents and children (especially teens and older kids) to find a healthy balance at home.
  • Not everyone is blessed with the largest houses or resources to have healthy mental space, after all. The struggle for the right mental health balance is real and is getting harder with each passing day. 
  • Accepting this as a fact is vital. The more you steer clear of accepting that you need to discuss mental health with your kids, the more difficult it becomes!

Build a Bond

  • More than a relationship, you have to realize that you have a unique bond with your child. As a parent, you have to focus on this despite all the stress and differences.
  • From handling meal prep to school plans—there is so much to do together. Build activities in your mind and execute these with your child around the week. Instead of trying to slip into some awkward conversation and buddy talk—it is better to build a bond while sharing chores. 
  • You need to understand how your child sees you. Unless you know the kind of judgments your child reserves for you, you will never be in a peaceful mental space.

Set a Limit

  • Do not go overboard while being a parent. Sure, a parenting job entails many responsibilities. However, you need to understand that you are doing fine. Mental health remains balanced only when you stop pressuring yourself to do more and outdo yourself every time. Never take yourself for granted. Stop those doubting yourself. 
  • Do not indulge in comparisons. With these small tips, you can overcome the tendency to go over-enthusiastic in your parenting role. Knowing where to draw the line is crucial. This alone preserves your sanity, and that is the first step towards good mental health.
Tiny Tips For Better Mental Health As Parents

Stop following a Rule Book

  • While books, advice from friends, and online resources can be reassuring, you do not need to always look into these external tips. You can get help and suggestions when required or when in dicey situations. 
  • However, you must stop following the parenting rules written somewhere. After all, your mental health will stay balanced when you understand what suits you and your child. Stop focusing on what you “should” do and do what you deem fit in a situation.


It is simply fine to pause and reflect. It is okay to lose your temper.

It is better if you realize that your life needs a break.

Mental health stays in check when you understand your limitations and then pick up those parenting duties with fresh zeal.

Stay in control and give yourself time by stepping away from the parent mold at times!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.