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The Dysphagia Diet: 3 Wholesome Recipes

A dysphagia diagnosis (difficulty swallowing) can be life changing.

It may seem to spell the end of food enjoyment to many, as eating becomes an arduous task.

However, dysphagia does not have to stop you from enjoying the flavors you once did before you received a diagnosis, and you can still have a nutritious and varied diet.

The Dysphagia Diet: 3 Wholesome Recipes

The three recipes below are ideal for dysphagia sufferers.

They are easy to swallow, high in nutrients, and delicious.

Lemon and Garlic Avocado Puree

This is a simple recipe that can be whipped up in minutes.

It is high in calories and nutrients, and tastes great too.

The addition of the sour lemon may also help with swallowing as a 2015 study by Rachel Mulheren found that sour flavors can aid swallowing in dysphagia patients.

To prepare this recipe, simply blend a whole avocado (peeled, with the stone removed) with a clove of garlic, the juice of half a lemon, and salt to taste. Blend until the consistency is smooth and uniform.

It’s that easy!

Curried Carrot and Sweet Potato Puree

This is another easy recipe to make and it has just a few ingredients.

This puree is nutrient rich and high in flavor.

To start, peel and cube one medium sweet potato and two medium carrots into equal sized small chunks.

Sautee the carrot and sweet potato with a diced onion on low heat until it is soft and completely cooked through.

The Dysphagia Diet: 3 Wholesome Recipes

Next, add one tablespoon of a curry spice blend of your choosing and mix until the vegetables are evenly coated.

Using an immersion blender, blend the ingredients until they resemble a baby food-like consistency – you may need to add a little water to aid the smoothness.

And voila! A delicious, curried carrot and sweet potato puree.

Celeriac and Cauliflower Soup

This recipe makes several servings and can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week.

Start by peeling one celeriac and dicing into small, uniform cubes.

Prepare the cauliflower by sectioning into small pieces.

Sautee the cauliflower and celeriac with one diced onion and three crushed garlic cloves in a large saucepan on medium heat until they begin to brown.

Add 1.5 liters of pre-made vegetable stock, cover, and simmer until all vegetables are soft.

Blend the soup using an immersion blender until the liquid is smooth and free from chunks.

The Dysphagia Diet: 3 Wholesome Recipes

With more liquid recipes such as this one, it can be helpful to add a thickener such as Simply Thick to create a consistency that is easier to swallow and assists with controlling how much food is taken into the mouth.

All of these recipes provide flavorful and nutritious meals for individuals experiencing dysphagia.

This is intended as a starting point to get you thinking about all the possibilities of cooking for those with dysphagia beyond milkshakes and smoothies.

There are more recipes to be found online. With these recipes, it should become clear that dysphagia does not have to mean the end of good food.

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