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Take Care Of Your Period And Your Body The Natural Way With Blume

Today I have a wonderful and commendable company I’d like to tell you about! It’s called Blume. Blume was founded by two sisters who wanted to take away the stigma of a woman’s period. Through Blume, they provide products that help a woman provide self-care for her body in a more natural, safer way. On their website, Blume explains, “We’re all up in your bathroom. We believe in products that aren’t a threat to your body or the environment. In an industry where brands aren’t required to disclose their product’s ingredients, we’ll tell you the truth about ours.”

And, here’s a scary bit of information from their website, “Toxic chemicals in tampons have been linked to hormone disruptions, PCOS and endometriosis in women.” Blume also reports there are zero regulations “to disclose ingredients in tampons and pads.” I had no idea! That’s why Blume provides education, organic tampons and pads, and other cool self-care products!

Blume wants you to have access to safe menstrual products and other safe personal care products. So, they’ve created their own line, which is quite wonderful! Read on to see some of what they offer.


Hug Me Deodorant

Blume has a Hug Me deodorant, which is free of parabens and aluminum. It’s cruelty free and vegan. It’s free of fragrance. And, it’s long lasting and meant to actually work! Blume says, “(Hug Me) keeps you fresh for 24 hours.” Hug Me deodorant was also voted as the best natural deodorant by the NY Post!

Blume has taken a different approach to get a natural deodorant to work by adding shelf-stable probiotics to their deodorant! How cool is that? The Hug Me deodorant retails for $12 on the Blume website.

Cloud 9 For Cramps

Do you have cramps before or during your menstrual cycle? Well, Blume has something for that! It’s called Cloud 9, an essential oil blend that rolls on for application. The website says Cloud 9 can help provide relief from bloating, cramping, and headaches. I would much rather use Cloud 9 instead of pills! Their Cloud 9 is free of BPA, gluten, aluminum, parabens, and alcohol. It’s also vegan and cruelty free. Cloud 9 is available for $18 on the website.

Daydreamer – A Gentle Cleanser

With a girl’s period, many times the face breaks out with acne around the time of the menstrual cycle. So, a good facial wash is important. Blume has that, too! It’s called their Daydreamer, a gentle cleanser that also moisturizes while cleaning. It includes “moor and soothing plant extracts including jojoba, chamomile, lavender and geranium. (It) lifts away surface impurities while hydrating the skin and visibly diminishing redness” (from website).

Daydreamer is free of BPA, aluminum, parabens, sulfate, and alcohol. It contains no artificial fragrances nor petroleum-derived ingredients. And, it’s cruelty free. The Daydreamer retails for $14 on Blume.

Meltdown Blemish Treatment

The last Blume product I have to share is Blume’s Meltdown Blemish Treatment. This bottle of Meltdown helps fight acne, decrease inflammation and prevent scars. And, you only need a tiny bit of this for one application. So, one bottle will last a long time.  The ingredients are the following: black cumin seed oil, rosehip fruit oil, tamanu seed oil, rosemary leaf extract, olea olive leaf extract, eucalyptus globulus leaf oil, lavender oil, lemon oil, pine leaf oil, tea tree leaf oil, clove flower oil, and blue tansy oil.

PopSugar says Meltdown is the best acne treatment! Blume says Meltdown “takes down pimples overnight.” If you see a little zit starting to surface, get Meltdown on it and it’ll help take care of it! The Meltdown is free of BPA, gluten, aluminum, parabens, and alcohol. It’s also vegan and cruelty free. Meltdown retails for $26.

Days For Girls

What makes Blume even more wonderful is that they donate parts of their profits to Days For Girls, an organization that assists women around the world in gaining access to menstrual care and education (and more). I highly recommend you visit their website! I’m just going to say one thing: according to Blume’s website, some girls have used cow dung to handle their menstruation. That right there made my heart drop! We have a long way to go to ensure all women in our world are able to practice safe self-care. So, please spread the word about Days for Girls and Blume!!

And, I thank you, Blume, for creating such wonderful, natural products, for removing the stigma of the period, and for bringing awareness of and support to Days for Girls!!

All of these products from Blume would make fun Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers! And, if you order Meltdown and Daydreamer together, you can use code, GLOWYSKIN, and you’ll also receive a free jade roller! So, you can give a gift and get a gift! Merry Christmas!

I am not a medical expert. The information in this post is not meant to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The information in this post is for general informational purposes only.

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