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Stop Misplacing and Losing Things with Chipolo

    I would lose my mind if it weren’t lodged in my cranium. My husband teases me all the time! That’s why I got Chipolo. Now I can quit misplacing my stuff.

Stop misplacing things

Stop Misplacing and Losing Things with Chipolo

    If you’re anything like me and you’re tired of misplacing your keys, phone, or just about anything else of importance (except my son, I promise, I haven’t lost him,) then Chipolo is for you. Speaking of son, you actually could put Chipolo in your child’s pocket. It would show you where he or she was on a map. You could even ring your Chipolo to get their attention.

    You can attach Chipolo to anything that you don’t want to lose, or commonly misplace. Download the free app on Google Play or iTunes, and set your Chipolo up. Once you’re set up, you can use your phone to find the item you misplaced. Chipolo will chirp loudly until you find the item, then you can turn it off.

stop misplacing stuff

Tired of Losing Your Phone Only to Find It’s on Silent?

    This is me. One hundred percent me! I keep my phone on silent most of the time. So whenever I lose it, I can’t find it. (It doesn’t help that we get zilch for cell service where we live.) Thanks to Chipolo, I can find my phone even on silent, and without cell reception. It’s easy. Just double press your Chipolo, it will chirp, and then your phone will start ringing. I love it! My life is now so much easier.

I use my Chipolo to find my box mod

    I quit smoking just over four years ago, thanks to vaping. I’ve even weened myself down on nicotine from twenty-four milligram, to just six! However, I misplace my box mod ALL.THE.TIME. I get busy doing something, set it down, then my ADHD kicks in, and I move on to something else. Guess what? I can’t remember where I left it. Not worry! I just grab my phone and ring my Chipolo. Problem solved. Since it came with a key ring, I just attached it to a vape charm.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.