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Protect Family and Pets from Bugs Gnat-urally

    Whether you’re planning on enjoying some time in the backyard, or heading on a camping trip, bug repellent is a must. Not just because insect bites are annoying (and ITCHY) but because they can make us sick. Thanks to Simply Soothing you can protect your loved ones.

repel bugs gnat -urally

Protect Family and Pets from Bugs Gnat-urally

    So we all know that bug repellent is a must have. However, some of the chemicals in it aren’t safe for us, or our pets. That’s where Simply Soothing’s Bug Soother comes in. It repels insects naturally, with the use of essential oils. Bug Soother repels Gnats, No-Seeums, Sand Fleas, Black Flies, Mosquitoes, and more. 

gnat -ural bug repel

Safe for kids and fur kids

    Bug Soother isn’t just safe for your children, it’s safe for your fur children too! Just think, one insect repellent for the entire family. Customers report that it repels fleas and ticks from their fur babies, which is awesome! I treat our fur girls monthly for fleas and ticks, however, we have found a tick here and there on them. So now if they’re going to spend an extended time outside, I spray them with Bug Soother to make sure no blood suckers attach to them. (A great rule of them is to brush them before you bring them in too. That way, you’ll know if one has found them.)

bay bug soother

Bayleigh gives Bug Soother Two BIG Ears Up!

Got Farm Animals?

    If so, then you “got milk.” Sorry. I had to. Anyway, Bug Soother is same for farm animals too. Protect your horses, chickens, cows, and more. It’s even been used on tigers. (Not bears or lions yet, oh my!) <– Seriously, I can’t stop today!

Great for Families on the Go

    We try to keep busy in the summer and enjoy the beautiful weather. We’re avid campers, and go fishing almost every night, and then there’s swimming in between. There’s nothing more annoying than gnats in your face while fishing, or mosquitoes trying to suck out your life force. For that reason, we turn to Bug Soother. It works great, and best of all, there’s no DEET, so I know it’s safe for my beloved family.

Protect Gnat - urally

Stocked Aisling the Aliner with Bug Soother so we’re not getting bombarded while working on her.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.