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Stocking Stuffer For HER-Oh! Organics


Oh! Organics

We’ve created our handmade soaps to produce luscious lather, great cleansing, and mild exfoliation as they nourish the skin from organic ingredients. Performance comes from our special combination of six organic oils while organic essential oils provide the scent and our special combinations of organic botanicals provide the color and light exfoliation. Our organic pure, therapeutic grade essential oils are hand bottled and are great for diffusing or dilution.

A Great Stocking Stuffer

Stocking Stuffer For HER-Oh! Organics

We’ve created this combination handmade organic soap and organic essential oil gift pack to make it a wonderful stocking stuffer or small gift for that special person.

Inside you’ll find one 15ml essential oil and 2-4.5oz. bars of handmade soap. There are five different combinations to choose from: Lavender with Ooh LaLavender and Zen soap bars, Eucalyptus with Eukoalalyptus and Maddie Berry soap bars, Lemongrass with Zestea and Shower Power soap Bars, Tea Tree with Ohm Sweet Ohm and Zen soap bars and Orange with Scrubber’s Delight and Shower Power soap bars. No matter which one you pick you’ll be proud when you see the glowing smile on the recipient’s face.

We’ve also created a beautiful pack of our top five organic essential oils to please those that embrace aromatherapy or simply use essential oils as part of their cleaning routine. Comprised of Lavender, Orange, Lemongrass, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus pure, therapeutic grade essential oils it makes a wonderful gift.Stocking Stuffer For HER-Oh! Organics

Oh! Organics is proud to be a small business partner with American Forests and we give enough to plant one tree for every purchase made.


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