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Spice Up Your Bracelet With Chamilia Charms

Spice Up Your Bracelet With Chamilia Charms

Add some style to your bracelet this summer with this sugar skull charm. With Chamilia charms you can display your life, likes, and wants all on your wrist. With multiple charms to choose from, Chamilia charms makes it easy to add some wrist candy, just the way you want. Spice up your bracelet with Chamilia Charms.


Chamilia Charms

The Chamilia Charms represent women's lives every day. “Wether in search of romantic sentiment, a family motif, a symbol for a favorite animal or hobby, or a token to congratulate or motivate, our designs inspire creativity and self-expression.” With thousands of designs to choose from, you are able to tell your story to the world. The Chamilia brand was founded in 2002 and purchased by Swarovski company in 2013. When this occurred the brand was able to expand into jewelry much more than charms.


Sugar Skull Charm

With this beautifully enameled sugar skull charm, you can celebrate Day Of The Dead. The charm is sterling silver and has a crown of red and purple flowers on it. The charm itself is very eye catching. In Mexican culture, it is believed that if you continue to tell stories to our loved ones and help keep their memories alive, they will live forever.

Why Chamilia Charms

My bracelet was given to me as an anniversary gift from my husband many years ago. I continue to add unique and special charms throughout the years. This charm is unique because it is very vibrant in color. I believe that in order to keep loved ones memories alive, it is important to continue to tell stories about them from generation to generation. This is how family history is passed and how lessons are taught. My bracelet has held up for several years, never tarnishing or turning colors. That is what you get when you buy a Chamilia product. You get priceless memories and true value.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.