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Spartan & The Green Egg Are Back For An Amazing Adventure And Mission

This new book, “Spartan & The Green Egg: The Poachers Of Tiger Mountain” (May 2018), by Nabila Khashoggi, is the fourth book in the Spartan and the Green Egg series. It’s truly a fascinating book about the adventures of a group of kids, the Explorers, and their Green Egg, which serves as an amazing ship that travels faster than the speed of light. The Green Egg also provides the children with the gift of different superpowers.

Spartan 1

In Book 4, the Explorers travel in their Green Egg ship to Bhutan. Within just a few moments of arriving, they run into an endangered snow leopard and then barely miss being shot at by a flying arrow. What next? They then stumble upon an arrow-shooting tournament and festival. This is where they manage to make friends, experience the culture and provide their own offering of thanksgiving.

However, this fun adventure quickly turns into a mission to save two orphaned tiger cubs from evil poachers, who had probably already killed the cubs’ parents. Once the kids find the cubs, the next part of the mission is to deliver the tigers to Tiger Mountain, where the cubs will hopefully be safe. During this mission, the Explorers utilize help from their friends, from the Green Egg, and from their special superpowers. You’ll want to read on to see how they fare and to see what becomes of the two tiger cubs.

So Much To Be Gained From An Adventurous Story And A Special Website

The story teaches children many lessons, including ones about friendship, curiosity, compassion, and courage. Children also learn about foreign countries, and about their people and cultures. They read about what it means to take an active stance on protecting our world’s special creatures.

The book has colorful illustrations by Manuel Cadag.  There are tons of pictures throughout the book. All of the pictures help make it a fun read that is easy to follow along for many ages.

And, the adventure doesn’t end there. Children can then go to the website,, where children can learn more about the Explorers, join the Explorer’s Club, and more.

The book is available for purchase from the Full Cycle Publications’ website. It comes in hardcover for $18.99. And, another cool thing about this book is that a portion of the sales of this series are given to The Children for Peace ONLUS, which is a “non-governmental organization (that) helps young people worldwide who are living in challenging circumstances obtain their essential needs such as food, medical help and educational opportunities” (according to the series’ website). This is another great thing for children to learn about. Like I said, this book has so much to offer and is a fun, adventurous read!

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