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Bring A Personalized Touch Into Dad’s Shaving Routine

Throughout life, we all tend to look forward to a particular part of the year. Think about it there’s seasonal changes, birthdays, little holidays, and many other celebrations. We are indeed at the halfway mark of the year with plenty still to come. In fact, there is one particular holiday coming up that we have to prepare for. That’s right, in just a couple of weeks Father’s Day will be here.

It may have slipped your mind, but that’s alright because there is plenty of time to get ready. You are going to want to establish many things. Plans for the day, ways to surprise dad, and of course the gift shopping. A Father’ Day gift can be just about anything. As long as it has meaning and comes from the heart, right? I think I might have just the right gift idea for you to consider this year.

Introducing New Gillette Concept

With Father’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to look for the perfect Father’s Day gift. Think about everything that dad does in a day. Have you ever considered grabbing a personalized option? Believe it or not, it can turn out to be quite the gift selection. In fact, why not surprise him with something that he uses when it’s shaving time. I’m talking about a personalized razor handle available exclusively on Gillette On Demand.

Bring A Personalized Touch Into Dad's Shaving Routine

The thought of a personalized gift just brings music to my ears. Now, Gillette On Demand is a brand-new option allows you to gift dad a razor with a personalized touch. The process is natural, you simply upload a photo, text or other graphic design of your choosing. That, or you can pick from the pre-designed graphic selections as well. From a special hand-drawn image to a heartfelt message, you can get creative!

Whatever you decide to choose from, it’ll be added to the Gillette ProShield® handle. The best part of it all, it’s only $25, and it comes with four razor cartridges! This is the perfect gift for the shaving dads out there. So check out all of the information I have for you above.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.