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Scour the Web and Stream with Anonymity

Internet safety is huge. Just last week, someone hacked my Amazon account and purchased thirty dollars worth of digital stuff. (Thankfully we caught it!) With this new gadget you can scour the web and stream with anonymity and security. With the holidays coming up, it will be a great tool for safer shopping, or the perfect gift for the tech lover on your list.

Scour the Web and Stream with Anonymity

Anonabox are routers that are designed to keep you safe from hackers and such while surfing the web. They keep your information privacy and offer the users anonymity on the web. They have many different versions of their routers, it’s just a matter of what the user wants. Afterall, privacy is the cornerstone of our security.

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Our information is often bought or traded by businesses, marketers, thieves, and even the government. If you want to keep that information to yourself, then you definitely need an Anonabox. Keep it safe by keeping it out of other peoples hands.

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Anonabox Pro

We just the Anonabox Pro. This next level router has faster processing speeds and a USB port for file sharing. It also has the protection and privacy that is the norm for Anonabox products. With the Pro box you can even specify your IP location. The Pro version is the most advanced box available that will fortify your privacy and anonymity combining the Tor network with a VPN service.

Standard Product Features:

  • VPN Encryption
  • USB Port
  • 650 MHz CPU
  • Tor Network
  • WiFi Link Up
  • Tor Exit
  • Bridge and Relay
  • Password Protected
  • .Onion Housing
  • Admin Interface
  • No Data Collection
  • Access Deep Web

Great gift idea

Anonabox Pro is the perfect holiday gift for anyone that accesses the web. I think it’s amazing for older parents that may not be up to date on just how much of our personal data can be linked. That way we know our parents are safely surfing and shopping on the web. They’ll thank you for it!

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For more information and to see all of the routers that Anonabox has to offer, head to their website. Follow via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.