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Sasha + Lucca = Beautiful, Comfortable Onesies for Little Ones

Sasha + Lucca = Beautiful, Comfortable Onesies for Little Ones

I have a precious 5-month-old granddaughter that is either in a onesie or she is naked!  Especially now that the weather is getting warmer, she is more comfortable in something that doesn't cover her whole body.  Onesies are always a “go-to” for summer.  However, what if you want the onesie to look a little “dressier” than a regular one?   Sasha + Lucca is a company that has gorgeous, dress-up onesies that are completely comfortable.  The “Collared Onesie”, which is what I received, is beautiful and it is the softest fabric I've ever felt!  You could simply add a little skirt if you needed to take the baby to a party or something.


Sasha + Lucca doesn't only have onesies, they have so many special pieces to choose from.  Once I checked out their website, I was hooked!  The rompers are so sweet and they also have beautiful dresses.  I've only been talking about the girly stuff, but they have lots of comfortable, handsome items for boys too.  Actually, most of their products are unisex.  They have blankets, bibs, and playsuits oh my!  There are so many cute items to look at, you will have to check them out for yourself, but be careful, you will want to get one of everything.


How do they get their fabric so soft?  Well, the collared onesie I have is made from 100% Peruvian Pima cotton.  It is so soft that it is hard to even describe!  Like their website says “It is like wearing a hug”.  Perfectly described.  The wonderful thing about this cotton is not just the softness, but also the durability.  Whatever your little one can dish out it can take.  Don't quote me on that…it isn't a guarantee or anything!  However, it is durable enough to last while my little granddaughter scoots around on the floor.  I love the colors too.  They aren't really bright, they are a soft color palette.  Another great thing is that most of their pieces coordinate with other ones.  So you can mix and match until your little heart is content.


My daughter was very excited when I gave her this as a gift.  She loves the feel of the fabric when she is holding her daughter.  It really is the softest fabric I've felt.  I wish they had clothes in my size!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.