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Respect Your Body with Crystal™ Deodorants

    Thanks to my papa, I discovered Crystal™ Deodorants a long time ago. He swore by them for years, and one day on a whim, I decided to see what all his hype was about. Now it’s your turn.

Crystal™ Deodorants

    The original Crystal Body Deodorant has been around for years, and it’s just that, a giant salt crystal. It’s the one my papa first used, and then he never went back to “traditional” deodorants. Believe it or not, this stick will last a year! That means you’ll only need to buy deodorant ONCE a year. You can’t beat that! They have since expanded and offer you different scents of their amazing, all natural deodorant.



Crystal Body Deodorant™ Roll On and Spray

    If you’re more of a liquid roll on person, then you’ll love their Roll On deodorant. If you’d rather a spray on, well they have that too! Both are unscented, so they’re perfect for men and women alike. I like that they’re natural, so I don’t worry when my tween insists that he “needs pit deodorant.” 

crystal deodorant

Crystal Essence

    The folks at Crystal Deodorant were kind enough to send me their new line of Essence deodorants. They have Pomegranate, Lavender and White Tea, Chamomile and Green Tea, and Vanilla Jasmine. You can get them in a roll on, spray, or even towelettes which are perfect for your purse or gym bag. They all smell fantastic (though not overpowering,) but the pomegranate and lavender ones are my most favorite. 

    Again, they’re all natural. So no harsh chemicals. I think that’s what I love about this brand. Traditional deodorants seem to wreak havoc on my armpits. They irritate them and make them itch. Crystal’s deodorants are the FIRST brand I have found that I can use without any issues. Best yet, they WORK! 

crystal roll on

For the Men

    Men will love Crystal Rock™ Deodorant Body Spray and Stick. Think Axe without all those harsh chemicals! No artificial dyes or fragrances either. You can get it in a stick, or as a spray. Either unscented, or you can choose from their three scents.

Where to buy

    Like I said, I will never switch back, and I guarantee once you try Crystal™ Deodorants, neither will you. For more info, and to get some for your family, head to their website. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

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