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Reasons Why T-Mobile Benefits Families


Everyone pretty much has a cell phone these days so why not get on a plan that benefits the family! Make 2019 the best year yet with T-Mobile; they help the entire family.  We all use our phones differently in my family, so it is nice to have a cell phone plan that works with all of our needs.  Listed, below are my reasons why I think T-Mobile benefits families.

Best For Mom & Dad

Reasons Why T-Mobile Benefits Families

When we get the bill, we are not surprised because T-Mobile doesn’t surprise us with added charges like other cell phone providers. All the taxes and fees are included, which is great because we are on a budget and so we know exactly what our bill is going to be each month. We are pleased with our bill and coverage so we are and will be T-Mobile customers for the long run.

Also, another reason why I love T-Mobile is that when I travel, I have the Simple Global T-Mobile ONE which I get unlimited data and texting and in more than 210 countries and destinations.  I don’t have to worry about contacting my family when we go on our cruises. I can get ahold of my kids and check up on them, which as a mom that is very important to be able to have that connection while away.  I used to hate having such lousy service that I had to wait until I was almost home before I can talk to my kids, not any more thanks to T-Mobile. By the way,  I can post and text photos to everyone while abroad, without worrying about bill shock when you get home – I can save approximately $85/year. A big plus in my book.

Reasons Why T-Mobile Benefits Families

Best For The Kids

T-Mobile ONE is packed with a lot of extras that we love for the kids, like Netflix.  With two or more lines on an eligible T-Mobile ONE tax inclusive voice plan, you can get a Netflix standard 2-screen subscription on T-Mobile. I was paying extra every month for this but now its included in my plan — one less bill I need to worry about too. I have teens, so you know they are on Netflix all the time. Getting my daughter off Netflix is super easy also with the Family Mode. I set time limits and give her more time on the weekends if she does all chores and homework during the week.

Reasons Why T-Mobile Benefits Families

ONE Plus gives you up to 20GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot data, and you can activate unlimited HD streaming. Kids use their phone at school, work and even on the bus, so they drain a lot of data, but I don’t have to worry about all that because we are covered. I remember back in the day when I would open our bill, and it was over $1000 due to all the streaming and data being used by the kids. Now they don’t have to worry about us getting upset with them and taking their phone away- stream as much as you want what I tell them now!

You can read more about how we use Family Mode- HERE.

Best for 55+ Older- My Uncle!

Reasons Why T-Mobile Benefits Families

For Christmas, I got my Uncle the T-Mobile ONE™ Unlimited 55+ plan.  He has wanted an iPhone for a while now, he has been rocking the flip phone for years, and we finally talked him into getting an iPhone. Now he can speak with his family far away, stream videos and even listen to his music.  Yes, we got him earphones too.

Older family members usually are on a very tight budget, so this plan allows them the freedom to have a dependable service that gives them pretty much everything that they need plus won’t cost a fortune.  Super easy to sign up and so if you know anyone 55+ and older who are paying a lot or don’t get enough date/minutes let them know about  T-Mobile ONE™ Unlimited 55+ plan.

The past several months I’ve been a T-Mobile Ambassador and it has helped me understand why switching to T-Mobile is best for my family. Everything that T-Mobile offers is exactly what we need and want.  Right now is the best time to make the switch- so many amazing plans to pick from and of course the DEALS

Make that switch to T-Mobile in the New Year– 2019 can be the best year yet!

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