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Put a Stop to Life’s Little Problems with Gadgit Girlz

There are plenty of things about life that can go wrong. Gadgit Girlz are here to stop the little problems so you can worry about the big ones!

Put a Stop to Life's Little Problems with Gadgit Girlz

You have enough to worry about right? Who needs little irksome things taking up space in their mind? Gadgit Girlz agrees so they're inventing things to make our lives easier, and to help us relax a bit.

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Rust Rings Drive Me Batty!

As the “head cleaner” in my home, I know not to leave shaving cans or play foam cans on the side of the tub. I know that they're going to leave a nasty looking rust ring that is going to drive me batty. However, my man children and youngest don't know this. (Even though I have reminded them repeatedly for at least twelve years!) I think the Gadgit Girlz heard my nagging because their Gripponz are my little bathroom heroes!

These bad boys snap on to the bottom of cans to prevent those rust or gunk rings. They even have two sizes to fit various cans commonly found in our bathrooms. That means shaving cream or foam, foaming kid wash and more can wear a Gripponz, and no more yuck! (Also, no more nagging from mom!) Incidentally I think my husband and kids are just as thankful for this ingenious invention.

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I think I say this at least fifteen times per day to my family. Enter Gripponz. You can use these on cans of pop (or even beer) and guess what? They work even better than traditional coasters. They are less likely to be tipped over because they kind of grip the surface! My youngest son's water bottles even fit in the larger one.

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I Need a Bag!

Okay busy moms and dads. How many times have you been out and about and really needed a bag to lug stuff around? Whether it be some accidentally dirty laundry, muddy shoes, some last-minute shopping or more, we don't always have room to carry an extra bag. That is until Itzy came around. These awesome little bags fit into the palm of your hand, your pocket, purse and more. However, don't let their tiny size fool you!

They stretch! So you can put all of those things above (and more,) into them. How cool is that? You need Itzy in your life! (They make great stocking stuffers too!)

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.