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Pumpkin Pie isn’t Just for Eating

Mmm, pumpkin pie! I love it. However I actually adore the smell more than the taste. Which is why I’m stoked that pumpkin pie isn’t just for eating. It’s for your body too!

Pumpkin Pie 3

Pumpkin Pie isn’t Just for Eating

Soapcreek’s Pumpkin Pie soap is to die for. When you first glance at it, you’ll notice it looks a bit like pumpkin pie with whipped cream on top. Then when you smell it, you might be a little sad that you can’t eat it. However, your skin is going to love it, so it’s all good!

pumpkin pie 2

They use real pumpkin puree which is fantastic for your skin. It’s packed with fruit enzymes and alpha hydroxyl acids, as well as vitamin A, C, zinc and more. So not only does this bra of artisan soap look beautiful, but it will make your skin beautiful too.

One Smell and You’ll Be Delighted

This pumpkin pie soap by Soapcreek is all natural and organic. They use essential oils of clove, cassia and ginger. They smells AMAZING! Oh and Soapcreek is dedicated to not only creating products good for your skin, but ones that are good for the environment too!

pumpkin pie 4

Holiday Soaps Make Great Gifts

Check out Soapcreek’s Candy Cane soap. This would make a really nice stocking stuffer for someone on your holiday list. While you’re at it, check out their other items! They have butter bombs for a relaxing and skin softening bath. Their Bourbon Vanilla Cane Sugar Scrub would make a cool gift too. It will slough off dry dead skin, and nourish the new skin left behind.

pumpkin pie 5

Winter wreaks havoc on our lips too. So while you’re shopping at Soapcreek check out their lip balms. They come in Bergamot Blush, Cinnamint, and Ginger Lime.

Dry, rough heels? Check out Soapcreek’s Heel Butter. I think their Peppermint Tea Tree one would make a lovely holiday gift. If you’d rather, they also have gift collections. There are six different ones to choose from. These would definitely make shopping easier!

To see everything that Soapcreek has to offer, head to their website. Follow via Facebook.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.