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Perfect Holiday Round-Up Of Innovative & Exciting Pet Products

With the holiday season here and the biggest celebration of the year closing in, the time to buckle down is now. We’ve all spent plenty of time going through our shopping lists getting everything we need. Although, if you have finished Christmas shopping for your pets I’m here to help. I have a ton of gift ideas for pets of all kinds for you to consider grabbing for your own. Let’s make this year’s Christmas celebration memorable for all our furry and feathered friends!

Stocking Stuffers

Perfect Holiday Round-Up Of Innovative & Exciting Pet Products


  • SmartyKat® Fantasy Frenzy™ – is a delightful new unicorn toy, which has crinkle sounds and a stash of our potent catnip + silvervine blend to drive cats WILD
  • Dizzy Thing from Petlinks – is purrfect for all the cats and cat lovers on your list on your shopping list. This electric motion toy’s spinning tuft whirling leaves entertains cats with a push of a button
  • SmartyKat® Fringe Frenzy™ – is a rustling tunnel toy taken to a whole new level. One end boasts tassel fringe and the other a dangling ribbon toy to tempt cats with irresistible springy action.


  • goDog® Holiday Toy Collection – is the perfect gift for the dogs and dog lovers on your list. These adorable festive toys feature the same Chew Guard Technology as the rest of the goDog® line
  • TrustyPup’s Tough ‘n Fun™ Donut – is rolly, hole-y fun with Chew Guard Technology™ to help stand up to tough play
  • Hear Doggy!™ Ultrasonic Dog Toys – provide hours of squeaky toy entertainment without the headache to pet parents. Using innovative squeaker technology, Hear Doggy!™ squeakers are tuned to a pitch outside the human hearing range leaving all the noisy fun to your furry companions

Combat Holiday Stress

Perfect Holiday Round-Up Of Innovative & Exciting Pet Products

  • Petlinks® Pure Calm™ Sachets (Bed Insert Packs) – are a NEW, natural and easy way to provide calming benefits to your pet. The patent-pending process infuses mineral beads with chemical-free aromatics. Just toss a sachet or two inside the cover of your pet’s bed to create a naturally calming environment for anxious pets
  • WARE Pet Products Twist-N-Go™ Collapsible Dog Kennel – create a safe retreat for your dog. Twists open and pop up fully assembled. Well ventilated and easily folds for travel or storage
  • Green Coast Pet’s Full-Spectrum Hemp Chews for Dog & Cats –  promote health and relaxation for your pet in a natural and tasty way
  • IVS’ Comfort Time® Natural Source Calmative Supplement for Dogs – is formulated with natural herbs to support relaxation and promotes calmness in even the highest of energy dogs and cats. This natural formulation is a great solution for the stress or anxiety associated with everyday activities like travel, veterinary visits, grooming appointments, new surroundings, and separation anxieties
  • goDog® RopeTek™ – is a new twist on durable rope toys, by combining the strength and durability of climbing rope with flexible TPR with new ThermaFuse Technology™. These toys are great for burning energy and are made to stand up to tough play
  • Petlinks® Table Tower™ – is a new space-saving scratcher, which easily adjusts to securely fit under almost any table. The non-slip base makes it sturdy, and the feather toy makes it fun

Travel Essentials

Perfect Holiday Round-Up Of Innovative & Exciting Pet Products

  • SHERPA® Original Deluxe™ Travel Carrier – is the perfect gift for the travel-loving pet parent on your list. SHERPA’s Original Deluxe is airline approved and the small + medium are part of the Guaranteed On Board® program
  • Pawscout®, The Smarter Pet Tag™ – helps you keep tabs on your Pet(s): The chaos of the Holidays, house guests, loud celebrations and NYE fireworks all can cause you pet wanting to run and hide. Always know the exact location of your pet 24/7, communicating through a real-time, Bluetooth®-enabled community-based network
  • Loving Pets’ Bella® Roma™ Travel Bowls + Travel Double Diners – are the ultimate bowl for pets and pet-parents on-the-go! Patent pending designs feature integrated locking lids to store food and built-in legs to support the bowl/diner, which prevents unwanted collapses while your pet is feeding or drinking. While collapsed down, they are flat to easily put in a bag or purse

Holiday Finest

Perfect Holiday Round-Up Of Innovative & Exciting Pet Products

  • Ora-Bone™ by Loving Pets – was designed to do dental better. Three breath freshening ingredients fight bad breath in your dog’s mouth and gut, while Ora-Bone’s unique design has up to two times the cleaning surface area of similar products
  • Elite Moisturizing Detangling – is perfect for an in-between bath refresher during the Holiday madness. These leave-in conditioning sprays maintain the moisture balance within the hair shaft and prevent the coat from becoming dry, and damaged as well as reducing shedding
  • IVS Quick Bath® Wipes – are the perfect answer for quick cleanups before guests arrive. Made in the USA these SUPER wipes are formulated with Vitamins A & E and Aloe Vera, to promote healthy skin and coat while leaving your pet clean and shiny

Fine Dining + Tasty Treats

Perfect Holiday Round-Up Of Innovative & Exciting Pet Products

  • Evanger’s Organic Dinners for Cats & Dogs – are made with Evanger’s superior quality, and now they are USDA certified organic. All of these  tasty new products utilize certified ingredients to help your cat or dog enjoy a long and healthy life
  • Against the Grain Nothing Else™ – a unique loaf-in-gravy texture, One Ingredient…Nothing Else is grain-free, gluten-free, no gums, no corn, wheat or soy, made in the USA, 100% Paleo and has no added water
  • Unsweetened Applesauce & Unsweetened Applesauce with Pumpkin – is the perfect healthy treat for your dog. This treat comes in 6 individual 4oz single serve cups making it an easy on-the-go-treat plus so much more

Small Animals & Featured Friends

Perfect Holiday Round-Up Of Innovative & Exciting Pet Products

  • Kapok Build-a-Series – is the softest bedding created to keep small animals SO cozy. Eco-friendly, the packaging for these actually transforms into the product itself…turning into a bed, a hut or a nest
  • Bird Central – is an easy-fill control feeding station, which allows you to better monitor your feathered friend’s intake. The playful pull-out toy also allows for quick and easy access and cleaning

Cheerful Chickens

Perfect Holiday Round-Up Of Innovative & Exciting Pet Products

  • Coop Control™ – is a 97% bio-based organic carbon that reduces “fowl” odors in your chicken coop. Sprinkle evenly across the coop to a depth no greater than 1/8″. Use is dependent on the number of chickens and amount of waste
  • Sideways Sipper Insulated Water Cooler – is a unique cooler which keeps water cool no matter what the temp

Everything you need is right here, so go wild for all your pets before Christmas day arrives.

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