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Natural Remedies to Care for Your Fur Babies

More and more people consider their pets, their babies. I know we do. We have two female dogs that are our daughters. My son has his own female kitty, and that's our granddaughter. We care for them like we do our children. So just like I try to give my son's natural remedies, I try to do the same for our girls.

Natural Pet Remedies

Natural Remedies to Care for Your Fur Babies

Before medications were actually invented, our ancestors used things from nature to treat what ails them. More and more, people are going back to their roots, and trying natural alternatives. I personally do that for my entire family, pets and all.

PetAlive® by NativeRemedies®

  PetAlive® has your pets covered. They want families to try the natural approach to healing. All of their products are made in FDA registered facilities, and manufactured with pharmaceutical standards. They use whole herbs when making their homeopathic remedies.

Immunity and Liver Support

Our liver plays a huge roll in how we feel. I have personally suffered from liver issues, and I know the toll it takes on the body. The same is true for our beloved fur babies. PetAlive has Immunity and Liver Support capsules to care for their livers. They're veggie flavored and will help detox their liver. It also promotes digestion, energy levels, and immunity.

natural immunity

PetCalm™ to Relax Your Babies

Our German Shepherd is an amazing girl. However, any car ride over fifteen minutes causes her to vomit. She gets so nervous, she starts drooling profusely as soon as she gets put into the car. She also suffers from severe separation anxiety. If myself or my younger son are out of her sight, she paces, and screams. It's heartbreaking. Enter PetCalm™. It helps to soothe and calm our sweet sheppy, naturally, and safely.

Natural Kidney Support

One thing I worry about with our smaller dog is her kidneys. I think she doesn't drink enough, and I always wonder how that's affecting her kidneys. She almost eight years old, and she needs to live many, many more years! That's why we got her Natural Kidney Support from PetAlive. It helps care for kidneys in dogs and cats. As well as promotes water balance, and fluid regulation.


These are just a few of the many supplements that PetAlive has to offer. To see them all, click here. You can also follow them on Facebook. Please use PA-Kelly at checkout.

I received this product to facilitate my post. All opinions are my own!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.