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My Crafting And Decorating Ideas For Your New Build Home

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If you’re looking to move soon, you might be considering lots of different options for your next home. An older building may be full of beautiful original features that you could restore with the right know-how. A contemporary design could easily lend itself to minimalist living if you fancied a change of lifestyle. But for something that is far more you, it could be a good idea to build a new home to suit the person you are.


There are plenty of home designs to choose from that you could order quickly and easily online. For example, you might be interested in acquiring some southern house plans for your new build home. This saves you all the time and expense of dealing with an individual architect. You could then concentrate on getting the house built and the decor selected.


When you build your own home, it’s really important you put your own stamp on the building. Using your crafting skills and a little DIY, you can create a truly unique decor to suit any style of building. I love metal sculptures, fixtures and fittings. Using simple manipulations of old scrap metal items, you can create some of the most wonderful art.


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Your crafting skills can also be used to create useful works of art. You can create bookends, or you might even be able to create tiered planters for your new garden. If you are good at recycling and upcycling, why not turn your hand to furniture? Coffee tables can be reclaimed and turned into beautiful pieces of furniture you would be proud to have in your living room.


It’s really easy to cover old seat cushions. If you’re looking to revive an old dining set, this can be a quick and easy solution. A simple staple gun, some fabric and a little sponge padding are all it takes. The toughest part might be taking off the old stuff! Old dressers and kitchen cabinets can be completely restyled. Choose new door handles, paint the cupboard doors, and add under-counter LED lighting for a truly modern look with a tiny price tag.


The best thing about building a home is you can design it to fit around the things you wish to put in it. This is always the sacrifice when you’re buying a used property. But new builds are like a blank canvas. And building lets you choose the shape and dimensions of each room, and even which direction it faces. It offers you the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of, as well as the freedom to create the style of home you love.


Once your house is complete, it’s worth waiting up to two weeks for the plaster to fully dry before painting. It is quite common for it to crack around the edges. This would be very noticeable on a freshly painted finish! If you’re painting or papering a feature wall, then coat it first with the prime color. A new build house looks so fresh and beautiful once it is decorated, and you will be the first person to use it! Enjoy your beautiful new property.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.