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Minerals – Remember Them? They’re Important, Too!

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In terms of minerals, the ones we usually hear about are calcium and iron. But did you know there are at least 14 very important minerals? You can learn about them in “Minerals – The Forgotten Nutrient: Your Secret Weapon for Getting and Staying Healthy.” The book is by Joy Stephenson-Laws, JD, with Monya De, MD, MPH, Franz Gliederer, MD, MPH, and Pauline Jose, MD.

Minerals are one of six nutrients that are necessary for a healthy body. But, they just don't get the hype that other things, such as probiotics, get. To arm yourself with the knowledge about these important minerals can help you, the health consumer. It can provide you with a better understanding about how minerals (or lack of) can affect your health and contribute to certain diseases.

One area that Joy Stephenson-Laws addresses in her book is autism, which is a significant disorder in today's society. In her book she discusses how a deficiency of zinc and magnesium and excesses of cadmium, lead, mercury and arsenic (in addition to other factors) could contribute to autism (p. 40).

Magnesium is a mineral I've been hearing a lot about lately. In terms of ADHD, she talks about how “Magnesium can always be tried to improve sleep in a child with ADHD” (p. 41). She also reports “many studies are promising enough for magnesium to be recommended if you are suffering from depressive symptoms.”

Minerals And More – The Information Included In The Book

Her book is split up into 4 parts. Part One discusses minerals and some common health issues, such as blood pressure, weight management, depression, the brain (including autism and ADHD), cancer, PMS, menopause, anxiety and more. So many of these issues affect so many of us. I could see this section being very relevant to many, including my family.

Part Two involves minerals and your “Proactive Health Plan.” It delves deeper into the various minerals. Part Three is “Your Lifestyle and Minerals.” It talks about factors in your lifestyle that could affect your intake of minerals and other things. And, Part Four is “pH Labs Editorial Board.” This last part discusses, in more detail, the various people that made this book possible.

About Ms. Stephenson-Laws

Joy Stephenson-Laws, the author of “Minerals,” is the founder of Proactive Health Labs (pH). Proactive Health Labs (pH) is a non-profit health care company. Proactive Health Labs believes in educating people and providing them with tools to help them achieve optimal health.

In the beginning, Stephenson-Laws made it her goal to find out what is missing from “the health equation.” Utilizing the observations she had already made, Stephenson-Laws pursued doing further research on minerals. She then wanted to provide her findings to the public. She wanted to do so in a way they could understand the results. To achieve this, she partnered with an incredible team of medical doctors and specialists. The end result is their fantastic and eye-opening book, “Minerals – The Forgotten Nutrient: Your Secret Weapon for Getting and Staying Healthy.”

Ms. Stephenson-Laws, JD, reminds us that it's always important to meet and talk with a competent physician and get nutritional testing to ensure you and/or your child are not getting too much of any mineral. Too much of a good thing is not always good.

This book is full of useful information and research. Thank you Ms. Stephenson-Laws, JD, and team!

I am not a medical expert. The information in this post is not meant to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The information in this post is for general informational purposes only.

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