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“Liktoon’s Boat” – A Fun Way To Learn About Finance, Teamwork, And Other Valuable Lessons For Your Child

Teaching children about money, especially the importance of learning to save, is an important lesson.  A new book can help with that. It’s called “Liktoon’s Boat” and it is written by Radha Rai, a new mom and financial professional, and her husband, Abhijit Rai. The authors teach important monetary concepts, such as earnings, savings, and profits. There are also many other important lessons, including the importance of friendship and teamwork.

Liktoon 1

Liktoon, a young boy, lives in Kindleberry, a small village in a magical, colorful world. Liktoon also lives near the water. He loves the ocean and just about everything connected to the ocean. For example, he likes to listen to the sailors’ stories about their adventures on the ocean. And, he enjoys collecting seashells, which he uses to build animals that were inspired by the sailors’ stories.

A dream of his is to be able to explore the ocean and to find his own islands, treasures, and adventures, like the sailors. However, to explore the ocean, he needs a boat. Each and every day he stops by a boat shop on the way home to admire the boats, especially one boat in particular. But how can he afford the boat? That becomes Liktoon’s dilemma.

One day Liktoon finds and helps a fish named Ge, who then, in turn, helps him to come up with a plan to make money. Then, together, Liktoon and Ge put their plan into action and help Liktoon save up the money needed for his boat.

The book is very colorful with adorable characters. The story is easy to follow, enjoyable, and educational.  It stimulates the imagination, while teaching about how one can save their money for a goal if they set their mind to it. The story shows that sometimes to reach a goal can require set determination and it can be difficult at times. Liktoon and Ge also show that, in working towards a goal, one may have to make decisions that require creative thinking. And, there may be setbacks, but keep your mind on the goal, and you can do it.

This book could be read to (and by) young children, parents, caregivers, and teachers. The book would make a great accompaniment to homeschooling. According to the book, the story introduces:

  • Addition and subtraction,
  • Earnings and savings,
  • Delayed gratification, perseverance, and teamwork, and
  • Entrepreneurship, profits, and expenses.

Rai, the author, hopes to inspire children and their dreams. Sometimes, with hard work and creativity, dreams can come true, just like they did for Liktoon.

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