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How to Make Sure Your Wedding Goes off Without a Hitch

If you’ve been a part of a wedding and now it’s your turn to get married, you likely understand the massive undertaking preparing a wedding is. Even though you get to marry the love of your life, planning a wedding is hard work. The good news is that when your big day arrives, you can look back and feel thankful that you took the time to make your day great. Plus, hopefully, you’re not the only person planning your wedding, and you have some help!

How to Make Sure Your Wedding Goes off Without a Hitch

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To make your wedding goes off without a hitch, there are few things you can implement now to ensure the planning and organization process goes well. Stay organized now and that way when it’s a month before the wedding you hopefully won’t turn into Bridezilla and ask your family members why on earth they didn’t talk some sense into you. Don’t stress – set up some goals and ground rules now and you can hit the day running (as long as you don’t turn into a runaway bride).

Get a planner so you can plan everything out

Getting a wedding planner is one of the first steps you can to ensure your wedding is a success. Erin Condren creates functional planners as do other companies that make it easy to write down day-to-day tasks and set reasonable deadlines. Plus, writing down your tasks makes the world of difference. No one wants to forget about an important meeting (such as sampling different cakes) and keeping a planner with you and not forgetting to check it is the first way to stay on top of everything.

Book your wedding photographers now

Popular wedding photographers get booked up fast, especially during the months when it’s a popular time to get married. Do your research at the beginning and decide who your photographers will be and you’ll save yourself a big headache.

If you’re doing a destination wedding in San Luis Obispo, California for example, contact local photographers like Bluephoto wedding photographers. Since they’re local to the area, they’ll also be able to give you tips as to what venues to check out and what time of year is the best time to get married. Soak up their wisdom if you want your wedding to go off without a hitch because locals know best! Besides, San Luis Obispo is a gorgeous location where photographers will capture your big day with stunning mountains in the backdrop like Bishop Peak and Madonna Mountain.

Take plenty of breaks before your big day

It’s important not to get so wrapped up in planning that you forget to unwind and of course, spend quality time with your fiancée. Planning is fun but to regain your perspective on the theme and other important wedding details; you should take some time away.  Take the time to get a massage, read a good book, and do simple, ordinary tasks with your fiancée to give yourself a break. 

Involve friends and family

If you’re trying to keep the price down the best thing, you can include your friends and family with the planning, as long as they don’t want to take over that is. If your mother-in-law is creative, she may be able to come up with a wedding favor that’s inexpensive yet lovely. And if your sister is excellent with envisioning the procession of the wedding ask her to help you with that task. Involving friends and family not only helps them feel involved, but it helps you stay on task and keep everything in perspective.

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