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Light Up The Night This Holiday

I have the perfect gift idea to light up night this holiday for someone on your list. Whether they run at night, ride bikes, or walk home after work, this gift will make their day.

Light Up The Night This Holiday

RunLites are awesome! My entire family has a pair of their gloves, and we all love them. This year, I grabbed a pair for my sister to put in her stocking. She has a small farm, and her evening chores are often done in the dark. So RunLites will be the ultimate gift for her.

light 2

If you have someone on your holiday list that spends time outside in the dark, then they will love them too! Whether they run, cycle, walk, or even walk their dog in the dark, RunLites will light their way. (We use them for night fishing and picking night crawlers too!)

Many Styles and Patterns to Choose From

RunLites has options for everyone on your holiday list. They have half gloves so you have more control over using your fingers. You can even get them in fleece for colder climates. They also have full gloves or mittens, for even more warmth. If you want more freedom over you hands, you can even get their RunLites Sling. There are a bunch of other color options too. (My husband and eldest son's favorite happen to be the camo ones.) RunLites are lightweight (they weigh as much as three pencils) and very comfy! My youngest son has sensory issues, and has problems wearing certain articles of clothing. He has no issues wearing his RunLites and he adores them! He even wears them without the lights during the day when it's cold!

light 1

Powerful and Bright

RunLites lights are super bright and powerful. The project thirty-five feet ahead of the wearer, and can be set to forty or eighty lumens. Since they're rechargeable there's no need for batteries. (Huge money saver there!) Oh and the velcro on top ensures that they will attach securely to your gloves.

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To get RunLites for someone on your holiday list, head to their website. Be sure to follow via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.