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Let Your Au Naturel & Relaxed Hair Stay Moist with Mixed Chicks Daily Hair Dress

As someone born with curls, and who has a relaxer, it’s great to have products that I can use with both styles. I was so happy to receive the Mixed Chicks Daily Hair Dress to try out. I’ve never used their products before as I’m a creature of habit. If I find something that works, I may rarely venture out to try new products. I have always heard about the Mixed Chicks brand as they’ve been on the forefront of multicultural beauty products before multicultural was cool.

Let Your Au Naturel & Relaxed Hair Stay Moist with Mixed Chicks Daily Hair Dress

The Mixed Chicks Daily Hair Dress lets your au-natural and relaxed styles stay moist while providing condition and reducing static, aiding in repair and moisture retention. This hair dress can be used every day to moisturize and style. It’s great for smoothing and perfect for finishing natural and relaxed hairdos.

The Hair Dress has a nice almond scent and definitely took away the dry, brittle look and feel of my hair. What’s great about this product is that it calms frizz while repairing split ends. I can tell that it will make my hair stronger and healthier. So far, I’ve used it for wearing my hair out and for ponytail styles. I’m glad that I have tried this amazing product which has piqued my interest in Mixed Chicks’ entire line. It looks like I have a new hair brand to add to my collection. And not only do they offer hair products, but they also offer kids haircare, hair tools, hair accessories, soap, makeup, apparel and a multicultural doll collection.

The Daily Hair Dress Features:

  • Oil infused to help with dry, brittle hair
  • Great for natural and relaxed hair
  • Adds moisture while masking split ends
  • Reduces frizz
  • Features avocado, almond and safflower oil
  • Apply to damp hair and style as usual.
  • Ideal for ponytails, braids and curls
  • $8 – available on and in stores nationwide including Target, Rite Aid and more.

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