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Keep Them and Yourself Safe No Matter Where You’re at

My son is big into survival items. (You know, in the event of the zombie apocalypse.) I recently got him a really handy tool that's designed to be an SOS gadget, or to repel aggressive wildlife. As I was looking over the eAlarm by BASU, it dawned on me that this little device could be a wonderful deterrent from someone or something who means to do you harm.

Keep Them and Yourself Safe No Matter Where You're at

eAlarm by BASU is perfect for everyone. It's straightforward and simple to use. You can use it to send out a distress signal if you fall and get hurt away from home.

BASU's eAlarm is a wonderful acoustic deterrent. It can be used to scare animals away from you and keep them from harming you. (It's super loud and sure to dry them farm away!) If you or your child feels threatened simply pull the pin, and the loud noise will bring immediate attention to you.

safety alarm no matter where you are

It's easy to use

Think of it like a grenade. If you son or daughter is in a scary situation or feels they are endangered, all they need to do is pull the pin. The eAlarm goes off with an ear-piercing 120 decibel alarm. It's sure to scare off an attacker or animals and will definitely draw attention to whoever is holding it. It's SUPER loud! My son has sensory issues, and covered his ears when we tested it out. (And he wasn't even close to our proximity.)

The eAlarm is permitted on airplanes, and in parks. That means it can be used to deter bears and other ornery wildlife. Unlike pepper spray, its chemical free, which makes it a safer option for your child. Whether they're headed off to college, or even to work, it's something they can use. It attaches right to a key chain, purse, backpack, pockets, and more. It even comes with a metal carabiner clip, so they can attach it anywhere.

Five Colors to Choose From

eAlarm comes in five colors. You can choose from a turquoise blue, purple, yellow, red, or one that has the American flag on it. If it looks cool, your kids may be more likely to carry it. The eAlarm is small enough to fit in their pockets as well, it's about the size of a flash drive. Oh, and it's lightweight too.


For peace of mind, and more info, CLICK HERE.

I received this product to facilitate my post. All opinions are my own!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.