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The Benefits Of Traveling From a Young Age

There’s been a substantial rise in the trend for e-holidays and e-adventures in recent years – families traveling abroad as much to educate as to entertain the younger ones.

A quick browse of social media and blog sites, and you can find examples of parents who are more or less traveling full time and making a living from recording their adventures of they – and their children’s – abundant global experiences.

The Benefits Of Traveling From a Young Age

Clearly much of the motivation behind such adventures relates to a dream of “escaping the rat race” and getting to spend more quality time with their offspring as a result.

Some people might challenge taking your children on trips around the world when arguably, they should be in school. However, there is also a view that children learn best from experiencing things and challenging themselves. You could argue, though, that whilst their learning might be more structured in a normal school environment, it would also be heavily limited by the four walls of a classroom.

World education however, provides limitless learning opportunities.

Not everyone would want to up sticks and take their family on extended breaks to exotic places to broaden their minds. Although, there is a lot to be said for giving even very young children chances to travel and explore the world from infancy. So, that family on the plane with the squirming baby, may well be giving their cherub a great start in life.

Making travel familiar and fun

Anything that you do routinely with children, can become more acceptable and less stressful.

If you travel with children while they are little, ensuring they are reassured and supported to make it as pleasant as possible, it will become much easier over the years.

They could easily become seasoned travelers by the time they start school, entirely comfortable with the hustle and bustle of airports and the excitement of waking up somewhere new.

Part of the battle is to make the whole experience as stress free as possible for the parents too. Babies and toddlers soon pick up tension, and if they associate travel with their parents getting crabby and fed up, it’s counterproductive.

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Tolerance and awareness

It may seem a stretch that jetting off on a European beach holiday with your littlies will expand their abilities to understand life’s rich variety. But next time you go abroad as a family, watch out for a subtle advantage.

When you travel with children, many cultures and travel organisations will go that extra mile for you and will provide an even more positive experience.

Your children will see the kindness of strangers in action. They will see a variety of faces – and races – working to give you a great holiday. That kind of exposure can help make your own kids more aware of other people and more appreciative of generosity and compassion.

Better still, take your children away from the big tourist zones to experience the authentic nature of your holiday destination. This gives them even greater awareness of how diverse people are the world over.

You will be amazed how easy it is for you to open a conversation with a local person when your kids are around.

Quality and relaxation time

Finally, there is another great advantage that comes with giving your children the travel bug from an early age – the difference they can enjoy in you!

Having quality holiday time with parents, while they are able to unwind, slow down and have fun themselves, builds memories for your children that they will treasure for the rest of their lives.

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