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Keep the Potty Smelling Fresh for Summer Party Guests

    So many of us are gathering for cook outs and parties. When you’re having guests over, they’re going to need to use the bathroom. What if you, or one of your guests has to go number two? No one wants to be known for stinking up the bathroom. That’s where Glitter and Go comes in.

Potty Smell

Keep the Potty Smelling Fresh for Summer Party Guests

    There are many bathroom sprays on the market. However, they don’t actually get rid of smell. They merely merge with it, and create a different smell. I tease my husband because when he sprays bathroom spray, it smells like apple cinnamon poo. The bad smell is still there, with apples and cinnamon on top. It’s a bit gross.

     Glitter and Go isn’t made to blend with smell. It’s made to keep the stink locked into the bowl. Made from essential oils, this all natural, and non toxic spray safely keeps the smell from emanating from the bowl. Your guests will feel better knowing no one will know if they went number one or two. 

Potty party

For on the go

    Glitter and Go is great for any bathroom in your home, but it’s also perfect for on the go. Put some in your purse, gym bag, or backpack. Can be used at work, the gym, at school, college and more. Where ever you need to go, Glitter and Go is there to leave any bathroom smelling great.

Perfect for the dorm

    Heading off to college can be nerve-wracking for parents, but even more so for your children. If they share bathrooms in the dorm, going number two may cause some anxiety. Send them off with Glitter and Go, and help ease at least a few of their worries. 

potty spray cotton candy

Three Wonderful Scents

    There are three scents you can choose from. Cotton Candy Vibes, Livin’ the Dreamsicle, and Razzle Dazzle Lemonade. As I said, all three are made from all natural essential oils, so they’re safe for your entire family, and friends.

To get your Glitter and Go, head to their website. Be sure to follow via Facebook and Instagram.


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